Creative Ideas to Keep Foods and Drinks Cool

Creative Ideas to Keep Foods and Drinks Cool

Keep your party foods fresh with these 4 cool ideas!

Author: Shayne T.

There’s nothing like the freedom and ease of a summer party. When the festivities are outdoors, you can serve up an unabashedly casual and easy-to-prepare feast that’s sure to please all of your guests. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is keeping your outdoor buffet cool and fresh.

Here are some stellar ideas for doing just that with minimal fuss, so you can set out the food, gather up some chairs, turn up the music and enjoy your fiesta.

Easy ice bowl. To keep salads crisp and cool, use two bowls that nest into each other. Fill the larger bowl about halfway up with ice, then nest the smaller bowl inside of it and fill that bowl with the food. You can do the same for every scoopable item on your menu, using either glass or plastic bowls to either dress up or dress down your tablescape. You can even up the ante by turning the ice itself into a bowl, just fill the larger bowl (I recommend clear glass or plastic for aesthetics) halfway to two thirds with water and place the empty smaller bowl inside of it. Place the whole thing in the freezer overnight and when ready to use, remove the smaller bowl.

Kiddie pool cooler. Fill an inexpensive kiddie pool with several bags of ice and some frozen water balloons and load it up with bottled and canned beverages for grab-and-go refreshment for your guests. You can even use a pool you already own, just be sure to clean it out with some Mr. Clean first.

Fan it out. If you have the ability to plug some fans in outdoors, you can dramatically up the cooling effect of the air by positioning a few fans over open containers of ice or pre-frozen blocks of ice. You can place the set up a few feet away from the cold food area and direct the air towards the display or if you want to minimize the breeze over the food, you can set it to oscillate.

Freeze your fruit. Nature’s popsicles! I find nothing more refreshing in the heat of summer than frozen fruit in any of its many forms. Take a cue from the cooling powers of treats like raspaos, paletas and piraguas, and infuse water, lemonade and iced tea with cold, refreshing fruity flavor by using frozen chunks of fruit instead of ice cubes. You can even serve up some frozen fruit in an ice bowl instead of the typical fruit salad.


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