Holiday Gift-wrapping is More Fun with Friends

Holiday Gift-wrapping is More Fun with Friends

Gift-wrapping doesn’t have to be a chore! Grab your friends and host a wrapping party.

Running errands before the holidays is like running a marathon: You’ve looked and shopped and shopped some more, but the end is always a sprint to pull it all together.

This year, instead of sleepless nights spent wrapping presents, invite your friends over for some food and fun while you tackle this holiday chore . That way, it won’t be a bore, and you can finally sleep soundly … with maybe even a little snore.

Save the Date

Try to get your plans together earlier in the month – because we all know how the schedule fills up in December!

While you’re waiting for those RSVPs to come in, take a quick inventory of the supplies you currently have and what you’ll need to buy before the festivities.

Here are some creative ideas to take your wrapping to the next level:

  • Think of ribbon alternatives, like yarn, sparkly garlands and colored twine
  • Display a box of holiday-themed odds and ends that your guests can add to each package: think mini ornaments or jingle bells, handmade paper snowflakes, holiday stickers or decorative cookie cutters
  • Recycle cute bags for odd-shaped gifts or reuse a gorgeous bow from last year

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Sharing is Caring
On your invitation, request that everyone bring a small appetizer or dessert with them. That way, some of the responsibility is taken off of you while you’re gathering all the wrapping materials. You can also request that people bring their own materials and supplies, such as:

  • One roll or packet of wrapping paper (from traditional to non-traditional in theme and styles for variety)
  • Gift tags
  • Ribbons, bows and trims
    Tip: You can cut Bounty paper towel rolls in half to make creating beautiful bows and ribbons even easier!
  • Scissors and tape
  • And, of course, their gifts to be wrapped!

On Your Marks, Get Set, Wrap
As your guests start arriving, collect and spread out the gift-wrapping supplies onto a one big table or a couple of smaller tables. And don’t forget to put out the potluck dishes as well – all that wrapping is bound to make you and your guests hungry!

Tip: Set the festive holiday mood as soon as your guests walk in with a Febreze holiday scented candle. You can choose from delicious scents of Fresh Cut Pine, Fresh Twist Cranberry, Fresh Fall Pumpkin and Fresh Pressed Apple!

This wrap-and-chat party is a great way to meet with friends during the hectic holiday season – and perhaps start a new tradition.

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