How to Decorate Your Party Like a Pro

How to Decorate Your Party Like a Pro

A good party has great food, drinks and, of course, music, but a décor can take it to the next level.

By: Alicia C.

You wouldn’t dress for a special occasion without accessories, right? The same goes for parties. The food, the drinks la música might be what bring a party to life, but the décor is the pizzazz, the extra step to make everything look fabulous. Creating a WOW atmosphere for your next party is much easier than you think. Follow these easy steps and your guests are sure to be impressed.

1. Choose a theme . Everything become more manageable when the parameters are clear. Going the extra step to decorate with a theme in mind will save you time and effort, since you will already know what you’re going for. Last year, my youngest son chose a fútbol theme for his birthday party. We had lots of fun making cake-pops decorated as soccer balls. As tablecloth we used an area rug imitating grass. Everything else: paper goods, banners, balloons were blue and yellow, like his favorite team: the Argentina’s Boca Juniors!

2. Set a focal point. This is the area that will set the atmosphere of the whole party. The easiest might be to have this be the dining room table, but see what works for you depending on the space you have to work with. Consider making this the place where foods and beverages can be found, a serve-self bar of sorts to make it easy. Fill this space with the main colors of the party and use decorations that tie back to the theme. In our last Day of the Death party, I had colorful ceramic skulls everywhere. My guests loved them.

3. Aim for symmetry. The human brain finds beauty in symmetry. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy two of everything. Just make sure to match heights, proportions and, when possible, textures as well.

4. Always include flowers. Nothing says “special occasion” more than flowers. I like to set them in small containers in odd numbers, preferably in groups of three. It’s fun to decorate the containers to match the theme of the party. If you’re celebrating your country’s independence day, you may want to tie some ribbons in the colors of your flag around the chairs where most people will be seating.

5. Don’t forget whimsy. Even a formal event can benefit from a touch of whimsy and fun elements. Papel picado is as beautiful a way to “fiesta latina”, as are some of our favorite Spanish tunes. For a recent Salsa party, I spray painted five pineapples in bright colors and used them as a centerpiece in my table. After seeing them, my guests were dreaming of the Caribbean and Latin America way before they heard Celia Cruz saying: “Azúcar!”

What challenges do you typically face when thinking about your party’s décor?


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