How to Host a Pampering Party

How to Host a Pampering Party

Gather friends and family for a refreshing day in, leaving you feeling great.

If you find yourself with a free day (what luck!) and need an activity for your girlfriends or daughter and you, get everyone together for a pampering party. It’s easy to set up and loads of fun. Here are some tips for a hosting a spa-like party everyone will enjoy.

Setting the Scene
Declutter the area in which you’ll have the get-together. Create a stack of clean, fluffy towels and set out cleansers and facial wipes. Light a few candles — jasmine, lavender and magnolia are good chill-out scents. Once your friends arrive, serve an herbal or fruit tea while catching up with one another.

Have a Few Options
Not everyone likes to have their face touched or their toes tickled, so draw up a few little menus of the different treatments available.

Stay Healthy
If anyone has health issues or is pregnant, it’s safest if they sit out on the pampering unless they have asked their doctor what is acceptable. It’s important that you know what suits you and your guests, so no one ends up aggravating their skin with unfamiliar products.

To help everyone get into the right frame of mind, ask someone who knows a few simple, safe yoga moves to lead a session. Remember — this isn’t supposed to be an intense session, just something to help everyone relax.

Provide direction for your guests on prepping their skin for a facial. Start with a gentle exfoliation by rubbing skin with your fingertips for stimulation, then rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. Smooth on a facemask and relax. Set up a place where you and your guests can recline to soothing music and soak it in.


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Foot Spa
Get into pairs and do each other’s feet. Start by soaking feet in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of lavender oil. Dry off then massage feet with a scented foot cream or a little plain olive oil. Once feet are prepped, give toenails a finishing touch with a fun polish color.

Rub hand cream into each other’s hands, nails and cuticles. Ask everyone to bring along a bottle of nail polish so you have an array of colors to choose from.

Pass it On
Get everyone to try a new color by swapping clothes or testing out a new shade of lipstick or eyeshadow. Take before and after pictures. It might even turn into something of an impromptu fashion shoot!

Do you have any at-home spa tips you love? Let us know in the comments section below!

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