How to Throw a Festive Autumn Pumpkin Party

How to Throw a Festive Autumn Pumpkin Party

All the inspiration and ideas you need to throw a fun fall pumpkin party.

By: Lorraine Allen

My kid was born just before Halloween and just happens to have pumpkin-colored hair. So I call her birthdays “Pumpkin Parties” (because I call her pumpkin and the parties are totally pumpkin themed). Whether you are celebrating a fall birthday, Halloween, or just the beauty of this season, you can throw a really memorable pumpkin party of your own this fall too. Here’s how:

1. Make a pumpkin patch. I’ve done this in our tiny yard and also in our basement on a rainy day. Buy small pumpkins for each kid, spread out some hay and dry leaves, and hide the pumpkins around. Guests can go pick their own pumpkin in the patch, which is a lot of fun.

2. Get creative! For little ones, cover a big area with paper and set out lots of art supplies. I call this the “Pumpkin Decorating Station.” Kids love making their pumpkins look special. Grownups could each also pick a large pumpkin if they want to get creative. I set up our kitchen counters and dining table area as carving stations. (Put out a few trash bins for easier cleanup.)

3. Have a contest. All this creativity is even more fun with prizes. I give awards for everyone: There are prizes for best silly pumpkin or scary pumpkin, or best birthday pumpkin or most unique. As prizes, I give things like tattoos, balloons, bubbles – goodie-bag stuff, basically.

4. Get silly! What fun is a pumpkin party if your guests leave looking normal? Get some non-toxic orange face paint and a couple of black eyeliners, and either hire an artistic teen to paint faces or do it yourself. With just these two items, it’s easy and so funny to transform kids into jack-o’-lanterns.

5. Boogie. Make up a really funky playlist and tell the kids to create their own fall-inspired dance. We’ve come up with silly names for these moves like the “pumpkin boogie,” the “witch trot,” or the “jack-o’-limbo.” This can become another contest as well.


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6. Play musical pumpkins. If you want to haul in a bunch of really large pumpkins for decorating, you can play musical pumpkins instead of musical chairs with them. I did that twice, and it took a lot of effort. The next few years I used bales of hay instead, and it was just as good.

7. Have a treat hunt. This is a treasure hunt but with Halloween-inspired treats. I simply hide goodies around one room and let the kids go hunt for them.

8. Decorate. To set up your home for a great pumpkin party, aside from using all those actual pumpkins and some hay bales, get some nice string lights for the garden and a whole bunch of orange balloons. You can draw lines on the balloons to make them look like pumpkins, or draw jack-o’-lantern faces with black markers. Super easy and very festive.

Do you have any ideas for throwing the perfect pumpkin-themed bash?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 5-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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