5 Things That Always Happen When You Host A Family Party At Your Home

5 Things That Always Happen When You Host A Family Party At Your Home

However well organized you are, there are some things that are just inevitable when you throw a party.

While it seemed like a good idea at the time to have everyone together, as the day draws nearer you secretly start to question what you were thinking. You’ve now spent the last week prepping (not to mention panicking), and the last 24 hours cleaning and cooking in anticipation of their arrival. But however much you plan, there are some events you can rely on when hosting a get-together for the whole family.

Someone will turn up half an hour early

Under the pretence of coming to help, your daughter will inevitably show up with the grandchildren at the exact moment you are trying to put the finishing touches on the dessert while simultaneously doing your hair. You make a mental note to tell her a slightly later starting time for the next party you host.

The dog will do a dash for the buffet table

Despite strict instructions to stay put, the dog will figure out a way to weasel out of his makeshift prison and make a bolt for the food. He saw you setting out the charcuterie earlier and is not wasting any time trying to swipe a slice. The result is dropped plates and grease on the floor – thankfully Mr Clean Multi-Surfaces Spray with Febreze can tackle grease and dirt on your floors, tables and surfaces quickly. Crisis averted.

There will be spillage

The white blazer you’re wearing might be a new purchase for the occasion, but you don’t even blink when you look down to see unidentifiable stains on it. Post-party, you’ll throw it in the wash with Tide pods, and its stain-lifting abilities will help it come out good as new.


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No one will use the same glass twice

Why use just one glass all evening, when you can use four? Good job you pre-emptively bought Cascade Platinum Pacs knowing it cuts through dirt and grease. You’ll have the clearing up finished in no time.

There will always be too much food

Suddenly all those takeaway boxes you’ve been storing for no reason will come in handy, and everyone can be packaged off at the end of the party with some leftovers.

It will all be worth it in the end

Despite all the preparation and mess, you end the party safe in the knowledge that everyone had a good time and it was worth it to see all your family in one place (and that next time, it’s definitely your daughter’s turn).

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