Watermelon Baby Carriage

Watermelon Baby Carriage

Learn how to make this fun fruit display for a baby shower.

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Planning a baby shower? Party guests will be cooing over this adorable fruit-filled centerpiece.

1 large watermelon
1 medium cantaloupe
1 medium honeydew melon
1 orange
1 grapefruit
2 cups purple grapes
2 cups green grapes
4 cups strawberries
4 cups blueberries
Assorted fresh fruit of your choice
Edible food marker
V-shaped knife
Sharp kitchen knife
Melon baller
6 toothpicks
1 pacifier


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  1. Cut the honeydew melon and cantaloupe in half. Use the melon baller to scoop out as much of each fruit as you can. Set aside the melon balls
  2. Using a sharp kitchen knife, create a flat surface by carefully cutting a quarter inch wide sliver off of the length of the watermelon, being careful not to cut too deep into the flesh of the melon
  3. Lay the watermelon on the flat side, and then using the food marker, draw a “D” shape, which will serve as the carriage opening. Make sure the flat part of the “D” starts 4-5 inches from the tip of the melon and the belly extends to the bottom
  4. Next, using the long V-shaped knife, insert the entire length of the knife into the watermelon, along the “D” and cut out the shape. Carefully pull the top of the “D” off of the watermelon. This is the start of your baby carriage
  5. Using the melon baller, start scooping out the flesh of the watermelon. The more flesh you scoop out, the more room you will have to add your other assorted fruits
  6. Insert two toothpicks into the grapefruit, about 1⁄2-inch apart from each other—this will be where the “eyes” of the fruit will be. Cut 1 grape in half and place each half on the exposed toothpick. Using the kitchen knife, make a small incision where you would like the “mouth” to be. Push the pacifier into the opening. Place the grapefruit at the head of the carriage (underneath the flat part of the “D” shape)
  7. Cut the orange into 4 equal round slices. Insert a toothpick through each slice with the flesh facing outwards. Place one orange slice at each of the 4 “corners” of the carriage. Hold the wheel in place by adding a green grape “hub cap,” to the end of each exposed toothpick
  8. Start filling your baby carriage with the assorted berries, purple grapes, and balled melons

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This is an awesome idea and it is so simple. This year three of my coworkers have had baby showers and this has always been a huge hit, it is adorable, easy to make, and taste just as good as it looks. #PGEChallange

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This is super cute and definitely would be refreshing in the Florida heat. I must remember this next time someone has a baby shower!! #PGEchallenge

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I hope I can make one of these next year for my sister after she gets married and then hopefully prego! #PGEChallenge

  • Report it

This is so cute and perfect for the summer time. Such creativity! #PGEChallenge

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This is such a hood idea for a center piece u know your guest will love and enjoy especially since it's edible. #PGEChallange

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