Build Your Own Burger Bar

Take the classic buffet to another level by putting together your own burger bar.

Whether you need a party idea for Father’s Day, want to make a cookout extra memorable or just need to spice up an everyday dinner, a burger bar can please everyone at the table and makes the dinner instantly fun! Try these recipes and ideas to turn your next cookout into a beautiful and belly-pleasing burger buffet.

Pick Your Patty

Begin by selecting your burger patties. You can stick to one basic burger recipe, add a vegetarian patty option or offer a wide variety with alternative ideas like a turkey burger or even a salmon burger. The key to a burger bar being successful is the variety — don’t be afraid to experiment. You might just find your new favorite food!

Very, Very Veggie Burger
For a full flavor vegetarian burger, adorn a veggie patty with spinach, soft goat cheese, roasted red peppers and balsamic mayo.

Toppings aren’t the only way to transform plain patties into beautiful burgers. You can also dress up your dressings by adding unexpected herbs and spices to classic condiments.

Build Your Bar

As you assemble your burger bar, choose your dishes, table décor and placement thoughtfully. This will help create a unified motif guests will enjoy. You can even give the bar a fun style or theme. Here are some ideas:

Backyard Picnic
Start by covering the buffet table with a checkered cloth. Line up your toppings in large-mouth jars. Identify each topping with a label easily by tying tags to skewers and placing a skewer in each jar. Roll up your utensils in napkins and arrange them in small terra cotta pots. Then display your assortment of buns in a linen-lined picnic basket.

Another reason why jars make great serving vessels is because they double as storage containers, too! When the party is over, simply screw on the lids and place your toppings in the fridge.

Dad’s Day
Turn your burger bar into a tribute to dad. Cluster your toppings by theme and decorate “stations” with pictures of the father in your life. For example, if you go with a seafood burger, round out the theme of the station by using blue, green and clear dishware reminiscent of the ocean.

Retro Diner Dinner
Use stainless steel mixing bowls for serving, footed sundae dishes for toppings and add an old-fashioned straw holder or record bowl for extra ’50s flair.

No matter what theme you use, the novelty of having a buffet for burgers is sure to be a hit. Have everyone pitch in with the cleanup and you’ll be able to wrap dinner up in no time!


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