5 Dishware Trends for a Stylish Holiday Party

As your family and friends gather, make a bold statement with these creative table-setting

It’s that time of year again when the dinner table takes center stage. Whether you’re planning a festive family brunch or a holiday dinner party with your closest friends, the table brings everyone together to eat, drink and be merry. It’s a lot of hard work playing host to all those people, but we know you wouldn’t have it any other way! Why not use the holiday season as an opportunity to update your tableware and make your home as stylish as it is inviting?

1. go Organic

try embracing a more organic look by using wooden serving platters, cork mats and natural-colored stoneware. dot the table with candles in modern wooden candleholders, and display simple garden greenery in clear glass vases or strewn down the table in place of flowers. for a final flourish, use linen napkins in a soft gray or beige as placeholders, topped with a single sprig of rosemary or sage. It will give your dinner party a rustic feel, and the herbs will create an inviting aroma for your guests.

2. Mix and Match

forget the traditional matching dinnerware set – instead, embrace a more eclectic look. put a dash of fun and charm into the meal by shopping at thrift stores for fine plates and serving platters from different but complementary sets. (It helps to choose one unifying element, like a color palette or an era, to tie it all together.) Just mix, match and layer.

tip: When thrift-store hunting, make it easy on yourself and try to find dishwasher-safe plates and servingware. that way, after the holiday party you can pop everything in the dishwasher with a cascade platinum actionpac and forget about it!

3. think about textures

think aluminium, pewter and tin, all mixed with granite and black lava stone. We know what you’re thinking, and although this trend doesn’t sound particularly festive, these darker, moodier shades create cozy intimacy when layered with some twinkling febreze candles and warming winter food. Make sure you have a bottle of dawn dish soap on hand to make light work of cleaning these unique dishware surfaces.

4. the New Red and gold

for a sophisticated twist on the classic holiday red and gold, try emerald green and bronze. Use your existing white dinnerware and tablecloths, and incorporate emerald green glasses, green napkins, bronze cutlery and brass serving platters. Layering metallic charger plates under white dinnerware will add an indulgent element to your holiday dinners, while giving the table a clean and modern feel.

5. Opulent Bohemia

If minimalism is not your style, especially around the holiday season, rich jewel tones might suit you better. gone are the soft pastel shades of summer, replaced by deep purple, ruby, vibrant emerald green and sapphire blue. Run swathes of sheer fabric in these colors along the length of the table to add softness, and add glassware in a variety of tones. think twinkling quartz, candelabras, velvet cushions on the chairs and, of course, the warmth of good company.

What dishware trend do you prefer? share with us in the comments section below!


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