How to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Use small and simple details that will turn your house into a 5-star hotel.

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by wanting to have the perfect house for our guests that we forget the main reason why they are coming in the first place. They come to visit and spend time with us. Even if we wanted to, it’s not possible to offer them more than what we have, but with small details we can make their stay pleasant.

Your House in General
1. When you know your guests and their tastes, you can please them by having their favorite snack or beverage in the house. If you don’t know them well, ask what they like, what they have for breakfast – like if they’d rather have regular or decaf coffee – and check if they have allergies to make the necessary arrangements.

2. Once they arrive, take them for a tour of the house and the kitchen so they know where to find things. Explain any detail you think is important for them to know.

3. If you feel comfortable doing it, give them the password for the Internet, the code to the garage or entry door and to the alarm, if you have one, so they can have access to everything, like any family member.

The Guest Room
1. Have the room ready before your guests arrive. It doesn’t matter whether you already have a room intended for them or you adapt the children's room; when your guest arrives, it must be clean and tidy. If your guests come with babies, have a crib – or a space to put the portable crib – ready.

2. Consider putting flowers, a nice-smelling candle and an alarm clock on the nightstand. Maybe leave a couple of magazines and some books nearby.

3. The bed is one of the most important things; it should be impeccable, with extra pillows and blankets. Make sure everything is freshly washed.

4. The bathroom they are going to use should also be clean, with hand soap and clean, fluffy towels. Also, you can provide a little basket with things they may need, such as shampoo, hand lotion and toothpaste.

Sightseeing Excursions
If they are going to spend a few days and visit the city, give them a notebook with all the information they may need, such as your address or the family’s phone numbers, in case of emergency. Give them some brochures of places to visit, as well.

What do you do to make your guests feel at home?


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