Your Guide to an Easy New Year’s Eve Party

After the bustle of the holidays, ring in the New Year with a fun, fuss-free celebration.

The thought of hosting a boisterous New Year’s Eve party can feel daunting – even exhausting – if you’re already planning other holiday get-togethers. Look no further than our no-stress guide, which promises an impressive New Year’s bash that doesn’t require hours of planning and work. From simple decorations to fun guest favors, there are lots of easy ways to make your party a dazzling night for all.

On the Menu
No need to whip up a three-course meal. Stick with a few classic appetizers and dips that guests can carry with them as they mingle their way to midnight.

Delectable Dips

Dips are perfect party food. They allow guests the freedom to snack when they want without weighing them down.

  1. Set out homemade shrimp cocktail sauce and watch as guests come back for more
  2. Homemade cheese balls are always a favorite – check out one of our three options

Fizzy and Fruity Beverages

Accompany food with a bright and bubbly drink for midnight toasting. Say cheers with custom drinks made from equal parts fruit juice – try cranberry, pomegranate or blood orange – and sparkling club soda. Serve in tall, slender glasses, and garnish with fruit.

Sweet Somethings

For guests with a sweet tooth, set out one of these delicious desserts:

    Purchase several different types of individually wrapped candies and place them in bowls to create a candy bar

Tip: Chances are, those party platters and serving dishes will sit unwashed overnight. No problem – just put them in the dishwasher with a Cascade Platinum ActionPac to remove stuck-on food without having to prewash first.

Shimmering Decorations
Give your party a distinct look and feel with a color scheme of lustrous metallic tones paired with a pastel hue – think robin’s egg blue, lavender or turquoise. Purchase a few dozen gold or silver helium balloons, and cluster them in groups of three or four around the room – or gather them near the buffet and let the ribbons hang loose for extra impact. Attach tissue paper pom-poms to the ceiling, staggering the lengths of the string. Then set out simple white plates, Bounty napkins and flatware near the food – no need to spend extra money on metallic tableware.

DIY Photo Booth
Search online for printable photo booth props. Glue the printed pages onto thin cardboard (cereal boxes are great for this), and cut out the props. Use a hot glue gun or clear tape to attach them to bamboo skewers (snip off the sharp points first). Then designate a low-traffic area as an impromptu photo booth, complete with balloons, streamers or tissue paper pom-poms. Set out a digital or instant camera for guests to take DIY glamour shots.

Recycled Confetti

Think twice before you throw away your holiday gift-wrap scraps! With a pair of scissors or a craft knife, cut your leftover wrapping paper into long, thin strips. Then stack the strips and cut them into small squares for instant confetti. Place heaping handfuls in individual bags, and pass them out to your guests before midnight.

Tip: After the clock strikes twelve and the party winds down, clean your floors the next morning with a Swiffer WetJet. The pad traps dirt better than a mop, and the solution dissolves tough, sticky messes.

Do you have any New Year’s traditions or favorite party ideas? or register for P&G everyday, and let us know in the comments section below!



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