How to Plan a Fun Springtime Brunch Buffet

Plan a brunch buffet with seasonal dishes and floral details that will delight your guests.

From warmer temperatures and longer days to blooming flowers and blue skies, spring puts an extra spring in our step! Celebrate the changing seasons and fast-approaching spring holiday with a brunch party for the whole family. Follow our simple tips for planning a stress-free brunch filled with fresh flowers and delicious food.

Plan a Menu
The key to a simple, successful brunch menu is variety. Let one dish – like a rich egg casserole or maple-glazed ham – stand out as the star, and then support it with lots of light, crowd-pleasing side dishes that are easy to make and heavenly to eat. Use our menu guide to help map out your buffet table, serving at least one or more of each category:

  • Main Course: Keep your preparations simple with a sweet or savory breakfast casserole. This recipe includes variations for ham and cheese, French toast and hash brown casseroles
  • Vegetable Dish: Veggies served up fresh can add a crisp, refreshing bite to your buffet. Serve up an array of raw vegetables with dip – also known as a crudités – or take your veggies a step further. Try serving oven-roasted asparagus garnished with herbs, cheese or slivered nuts
  • Fruit Dish: Serve up a taste of something sweet with homemade applesauce or a colorful fruit salad
  • Dessert: Check out our recipe for haystack cookies with candy egg details

After brunch is finished and the guests have gone home, don’t stress about the mess! Load the dishwasher and add a Cascade Platinum ActionPac – the built-in rinse aid and grease-fighting power of Dawn power away stuck-on foods, no pre-rinse needed. And if the extra foot traffic created extra dirt on your floors, use a Swiffer WetJet to dissolve tough messes from your linoleum or hardwood.

Go with the Flow

You can set out dishes in any order you’d like, but if you’re expecting a lot of guests, a buffet-table strategy can keep the line from getting too long. To keep traffic moving, start with plates, cutlery and a stack of Bounty paper napkins before moving on to the food. Provide smaller plates if you’re serving bread and butter, as well as small bowls for fruit or tossed salad.

Consider all of your food dishes, making sure to set out enough plates and proper serving ware (a large spoon, tongs) to accommodate all of your offerings. Try displaying some dishes, like fresh fruit cheese and crackers, or cupcakes, on a tiered stand so guests won’t miss them – doing this will also add visual interest to the display.

 Set the table so the appropriate condiments are next to the food dishes throughout the buffet. Some dishes might include a special sauce or topping, or some guests might prefer ketchup with their egg casserole. Instead of displaying the bottle, pour the condiment into a small bowl and let your guest spoon it onto their plate.

Drink Station

On a separate table, set up beverage pitchers for water, juice, coffee and hot tea, along with glasses, mugs, stirrers or spoons, creamer and sweetener. Set out extra cocktail napkins or coasters to save yourself from unwanted ring stains on your furniture!

 Your guests can only do so much at once, and trying to juggle a plate of food and a drink can result in accidental spills. Instead of making your guests go to the drink station after they set down their food, eliminate the second trip altogether and provide pitchers of water, juice and coffee right at the table. Decorative ceramic pitchers can make for a lovely, purposeful centerpiece!

Decide on Décor
From the buffet to the table where your guests will sit, the decorative possibilities for a springtime brunch are endless. Get inspired by the pastel hues, blooming flower arrangements and decorative patterns of the spring to add small, seasonal touches along your spread, at each table setting and throughout your space.

Tiny Blossoms

Use small ceramic eggcups as tiny bud vases for fresh flower arrangements. Line up several of them along your dining table to create a modern, understated centerpiece, or perch them alongside your food on the buffet table.

Wreath Centerpieces
Purchase inexpensive wicker wreaths from your local craft store, and use floral wire to attach silk blossoms as desired. Place wreaths on the buffet table or dining table and put a Febreze Candle in a spring scent in the middle of each one.

Tip: You can also spray Febreze ONE in Orchid to gently remove odors before guests arrive – the light, fresh scent contains no aerosols, dyes or heavy perfumes.

Once you’ve planned your menu, buffet layout and décor, send out those fun brunch invites – it’s time to celebrate spring!

How does your family welcome the return of warmer days? Share your thoughts and memories in our comments section by or registering.


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