3 Ways to Decorate Flowerpots

3 Ways to Decorate Flowerpots

Decorate your flowerpots with our 3 creatively simple embellishments.

Tip: Before decorating, be sure to wipe down your flowerpots with a clean, damp towel.

Look 1: Tile
Create patterns from small bits of tile, then attach them with tile adhesive for a dazzling piece. Follow our simple tips for crafting with tile, and try this timeless look:

  • If you’re only covering part of the pot, section off the area with masking tape.
  • To create a particular pattern, first draw it on the pot with a pencil.
  • Apply glue to the tile pieces with adhesive, then attach tiles to the pot.
  • Wear rubber gloves and use a spatula or foam brush to apply grout between the tile pieces to seal them to the pot. Wipe excess grout with a damp sponge.
  • Once the grout has dried overnight, use a coarse, dry sponge to clean off excess grout.

Look 2: Paint
Painting flowerpots and planters is a simple way to spruce them up. With tips and techniques that go beyond the typical coat of paint on a plain surface, you’ll create refreshed pieces that stand out.

  • Cover your pots with chalkboard paint and write cute sayings or the name of the plants on it with colored chalk. This is especially handy with an herb garden.
  • Stamps are the perfect way to add small, personalized touches to any pot.
  • Add a high-gloss paint to larger flowerpots for a chic, modern feel.

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Tip: Use raffia to make bows, then glue them around the pot to add texture. Or, squeeze a line of glue onto the painted, dried pot, and wrap strands of raffia or ribbon around it.

Look 3: Decoupage
Glue pieces of paper, pictures and other thin materials to indoor flowerpots to add a personalized, unique touch. Applying a glue medium will give the finished product a painted, rather than glued-on effect.

Embellishment Tip: Accent your pots even further with felt flowers, beads, acorns, pinecones or even old leather belts.

Gifting Tip: For an outdoor-inspired gift idea, fill a flowerpot with some essential gardening tools and a few rolls of seed tape, then bundle it up with a homemade gift tag.

What’s your favorite way to decorate flowerpots? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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I found a white plastic flower pot that had been used, but was still in good shape. I scrubbed down the whole pot, getting it as clean as possible, and let it dry completely. I then took a pencil, and drew a vine pattern around the whole pot. I used different colored permanent markers to color the vines. This year it has herbs growing in it. It was easy to do, and looks great!

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Wow, very nice tips, thank you so much for the all the info and the detailed tips mentioned in your post. These flower pots can also be used for gifting purposes, very nice and innovative pots I must say.

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