5 Helpful Weeding Tips

5 Helpful Weeding Tips

Make weeding your garden less of a chore by using our 5 useful weeding tips.

No matter how hard you work to keep them at bay, weeds seem to pop up in even the most well maintained gardens. Weeding is necessary but can feel like a daunting task. Use our five tips to stay on track and keep weeds from ruining your garden.

1. Get a Head Start
Weeds will begin to form in early spring. Instead of letting them grow and tackling weeding all in one chunk, pull 10 weeds every few days from the start of spring. The job will be less overwhelming and more likely to get checked off the list.

2. Remove the Roots
Spend a little extra time up front removing the root to ensure the weed doesn’t grow back. Use a weeding trowel or a flat-head screwdriver to get under the root nest before pulling them out.

3. Use Ground Cover Sheeting
Cover the entire garden with ground cover sheeting — or a plastic tarp — to prevent weeds in the first place. This doesn’t have to be done before planting! Cut holes in the sheeting to fit over the existing plants before laying it down. Working in sections is best.

To apply sheeting:


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  1. Moisten the soil that’s going to be covered
  2. Rake the soil to remove rocks and debris
  3. Cover the entire garden bed with sheeting, cutting the sheeting into sections so it’s easier to work with
  4. Cover the sheeting with 4 inches of mulch

4. Utilize Gravel or Mulch
Pour mulch or gravel on top of ground cover sheeting or by itself as a natural weed preventer.

Tip: Ask for mulch from tree-trimming companies, or find out who trims trees for the city and ask them. It’s inexpensive and sometimes free.

5. Try a Weed Control Product
Try several chemical and nonchemical weed control products to keep weed pulling to a minimum.
Do you have any helpful weeding tips? Share them with the community in the comments section below!

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I wish I had this tip before I planted my flower garden. It would help eliminate some of the weed issues I have. Great tip! I've shared this with three of my friends and family.

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