Bottle Cork Planters

Bottle Cork Planters

Use designer Nicole Gibbons’ instructions for fun, kid-friendly cork planters.

Transform bottle corks into magnetic succulent planters that are both fun and functional.

Bottle corks
Pairing knife (or pocket knife)
Small succulents
Garden scissors
Hot or craft glue
Hot glue gun (if using hot glue)



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  1. Remove the core of the cork by puncturing the top of the cork with a pocket or pairing knife, and wiggling the knife around, carving out a hole. (Make sure to go through all the way to the bottom)
  2. Clip off branches or sections of your succulents small enough to fit in the hole
  3. Insert a succulent in the cork and fill it up to the top with soil
  4. Attach a magnet to the side of the cork planter with a bead of glue
  5. Press the magnet into the glue until the glue hardens (allow extra time for craft glue)

These cute little magnet plants can live most anywhere with sunlight and watering is a breeze. Line the succulents up once a week (or every two weeks) on a counter and mist each of the plants with a spray bottle. Let the corks dry completely before putting them back up, and that’s it!

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