Garden Tool Cleanup Tips

Garden Tool Cleanup Tips

Get your garden gear in perfect order after a long season with these smart storage ideas.

With autumn on the horizon, get your garden gear in perfect order with our unique, inspired storage ideas. Find smart tips for large areas — like a garage — and small spaces, like a closet or entryway.

Garage and Shed Tool Storage
Large storage areas, like garages or basements, can be prone to disorganization. Use our simple solutions to compartmentalize your gardening tools in decorative and functional ways.

Potting Station
Turn an old table or desk into a potting bench, and then line the wall behind it with pieces of trellis to create extra storage. Attach hooks, and then hang tools, gloves and other accessories from the trellis. Store nested pots under the bench.

Customized Cubbies
Use wooden crates to create your own cubby system for your various tools. Browse local thrift stores and flea markets for unique vintage crates, or purchase new ones at your local craft store. Arrange them to fit your space, and then connect them with wooden screws.

For extra order, slide labeled bins into the cubbies!

Tool Bucket
To keep your tools in good shape throughout the fall and winter, fill a large bucket with sand, then add 1/4 cup vegetable oil and mix well. Store long-handled tools, like shovels and pitchforks, in the mixture. The sand keeps them sharp and the vegetable oil prevents rusting.

For tight spaces, create storage by utilizing wall space in innovative ways. Get started with these easy ideas:


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Shoe Holder
An inexpensive hanging shoe holder makes a convenient organizer. Hang it on any door, and then fill the pockets with hand tools, gloves, seeds and other gardening accessories. For easy searching, label the compartments with decorative tags.

Repurposed Rake
When an old rake falls apart, turn it into functional and rustic décor. Tie a piece of rope around the head, then hang it upside down on a nail or wall hook. Store hand tools, like trowels and shears, between the teeth.

Cupboard Shed
Convert a stand-alone cupboard into a garden locker! Lean it against a wall in your entryway or perch it on your porch and fill it with all of your gardening essentials.

Portable Planting Kit
Gather all of the supplies you’ll need in an old toolbox or toy wagon, and tote with you to the garden.

Seed Storage
Arrange seed packets in glass jars, then display them in your kitchen cabinets. Or, organize them alphabetically in a recipe organization box. (Either way, make sure they’re in a cool, dry place.)

Plant Care Guide
Create your own reference manual. Catalog plant markers in the clear plastic pockets of a photo album. Next time you wonder how much sun your daisies need, you’ll know just where to look!

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I like the simplicity of these ideas and especially the ones for tight spaces. We have very little extra space for gardening tools etc but I think I can make some of these work. Thanks

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