Grow Your Own Pizza Garden

Grow Your Own Pizza Garden

Learn how to grow a garden that’s perfectly customized to making delicious pizzas.


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Grow Your Own Pizza Garden

Roma Tomatoes
(72 days to grow)
Dig a hole deep enough to cover the plant up to its first set of leaves. Place in hole and fill with soil. Water immediately after planting and continue to water every other day in mild climates or every day if you’re having a particularly hot summer. Fertilize weekly and pick your tomatoes once they are bright red.

Tip: For tall plants that bear heavy fruit, like tomatoes, encase the plant in a gardening cage to prevent it from toppling over.

Eggplant (55-80 days to grow, depending on variety)
Dig a hole equal in depth to the eggplant’s container. Transfer into the hole and fill with soil. Fertilize weekly and water every few days. Pick your eggplant when it has reached a deep purple hue and gives to the touch.

Banana Peppers (71 days to grow)
Follow the same instructions as eggplant, picking the banana peppers once they’ve taken on a bold lime green color.

Basil (Annual) This herb grows annually, meaning it must be re-planted each year. Place the plant in warm, fertile soil and water generously every other day. Fertilize on a monthly basis and clip the fresh leaves often to encourage a bushy, abundant plant.

Tip: As your basil grows, pinch the stems with your fingertips to prevent the buds from growing flowers (instead of leaves).

Oregano (Perennial) Oregano is a perennial plant, meaning it grows back year after year, so be sure your garden is ready to commit to this herb. Consider where you plan on harvesting other crops before you pick the area for your oregano, as its location will not change. Water and fertilize on a weekly basis and snip fresh leaves at any time!

Tip: For garden-fresh herbs all year long, fill an ice cube tray with water and place sprigs in each cube. Place the frozen ice cubes in a plastic zip bag and stow in the freezer.

Once your garden is ready to go, pick your bounty and use it to make pizza, calzones, pepperoni bread and more!

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