How to Plant a Garden from Seeds

How to Plant a Garden from Seeds

It’s not difficult to sow and grow your own flowers from seeds. Learn how!

It’s unbelievably satisfying seeing the first green shoots pop out of the soil, grow vigorously and then burst into bloom. And, even more gratifying, it won’t cost you a fortune. Trays of ready-grown seedlings come at a price, particularly if you plan to fill an entire bed. In comparison, a packet of seeds costs far less, even when you include the time and patience necessary to produce a magnificent display in your garden.

Where to Plant
First you have to decide where to create your dream flowerbed. Will it be in full sun, full shade or a partly shaded area?

Don’t hamper your chances of success by sowing seeds in the wrong place, no matter how strong the temptation. Start off with easy-to-grow plants (see our list) that are suitable for your garden.

Follow the Instructions
The back of every packet contains all the information you need to successfully sow the seeds, so follow the instructions carefully. Before you start, decide when you’d like to sow the seeds; some can be sown throughout the year, while others are restricted to a specific season.

Tip: Check whether your seeds can be sown directly into beds, or if you should start them off in seed trays.

Easy-to-sow Favorites:
Sweet peas
Queen Anne’s lace
English marigolds
Sweet Alyssum

Preparing Flower Beds
Many seeds can be sown directly into flowerbeds, given suitable space and compost.

1. Prepare the Soil. Remove any weeds and large pebbles. If you haven’t composted the bed for a while, do so now — adding a few handfuls of bone meal at the same time. Dig the soil over well.

2. Level the Soil. Walk over it lightly to compact it a little — this will release any air bubbles and prevent it from sinking once the seeds have been sown.

3. Grouping. If you plan to group different flowers in the same bed, you can mark the separate areas with river sand bought from your local nursery.

4. Gently Cover the Seeds with Soil.

5. Watering. Water well with a fine sprinkler and keep the soil moist until the seedlings are well established.

How to Store Seeds
If you have leftover seeds, carefully close the packet and store it in a cool, dry place. But check the expiration date and sow the remaining seeds before then.


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