Outdoor To-Do’s for August

Outdoor To-Do’s for August

Finish summer perfectly with these projects to clean and maintain outdoor spaces.

Take a few moments in the cooler morning and evening hours to use our quick cleanup and maintenance tips around your lawn, garden, porch and patio.

Water Plants and Grass

  • Practice deep, thorough watering to make sure the water is getting into the plant’s root systems.
  • Keep an eye on container and hanging plants. Push your fingers down an inch or so into the soil to make sure they have adequate moisture.

Clean Patio Items

  • Give tables and chairs a good wipe down with a strong cleaner and paper towel.
  • Maintain the clean by hosing down items on a weekly basis.
  • Use a stiff scrub brush and mild soap to wash folds and creases in patio umbrellas and cushions.

Check the Grill
Reward your grill for a summer of hard work with a thorough cleaning.

Properly Prune
Take some time to groom plants and shrubs by removing spent flowers, wilting leaves and dying branches throughout the month.

Tip : Pruning keeps plants from going into seed production too soon lets you enjoy flowers through the end of summer.


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Refresh Birdbaths
Look out for feathered friends by changing water regularly and keeping baths full to avoid old, standing water.

Clean up Driveways
Sweep and hose down driveways regularly. Pull any weeds and excess plant growth from around them.

Lawn Care
Raise the blade of the lawn mower a 1/2 inch the next time you mow to:

  • Shade the soil and help it retain moisture.
  • Allow grass to grow deeper, cooling the fragile roots and protecting it from heat.

Late Summer Gardening

  • Plant hearty, vitamin-rich vegetables like carrots, spinach, peas, leeks and green onions.
  • Delicious herbs like dill, cilantro, arugula and parsley are perfect choices, as are greens kale and chard.

Tip : Plant under a shade covering to avoid excess heat that can shock young seedlings.

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