Repurposed Silverware Wind Chime

Repurposed Silverware Wind Chime

Turn kitchen utensils and household materials into a quirky wind chime!

To make your chime, you’ll need scissors, along with:

  • Chimes: Gather five to seven pieces of flatware — the more mismatched, the more personality your chime will have. Just be sure to have at least one longer, larger piece (think a spoon, small whisk or tongs) to act as a pendulum. Use utensils as-is for a natural feel, or dip them in paint them for a brighter look.
  • Hanger: A colander’s existing holes make it easy to attach chimes, but other kitchen extras work just as well. Try a box grater, an old-fashioned eggbeater (with handle facing up) or a large whisk (facing down).

Tip: Even a fork (facing down) can be a hanger. Simply bend the prongs/tines in different directions with needle-nosed pliers.


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  • Cord: Fishing line is weatherproof and invisible from only a few feet away, but there’s something to be said about the rustic charm of garden twine, too. Thread on beads or charms to add a pop of color and catch the sunlight as your wind chime sways.


  1. Loop a piece of cord around each handle of the hanger and tie securely. Cut off excess with scissors
  2. Tie all the chimes to your hanger, starting with a spoon in the center to act as the pendulum, and spacing out evenly. For the best tinkling sound, flatware should hang vertically
  3. Knot another piece of cord to the top of your wind chime, in the center, then hang from a tree, porch or other garden spot

Do you have any interesting wind chimes? Share them in the comments section below!

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I can't wait to make this. I love wind chimes but are a little costly at times. I have a few broken ones that need new hangers so I will use them and try something different for the hanger. Thanks for giving me some new ways to reinvent my chimes at little to no cost.

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