4 Ways to Adorn Your Home for Fall

Fall is in full swing, so it’s time to redecorate accordingly! Check out these 4 easy ways to decorate your home for autumn.

Fall is the calm before the winter storm, when we’re most excited to do a little decorating before the lights and trees come out. So harness your festive self and bring a little something special to your home with these creative décor ideas.

1. Harvest Hurrah
Show off the natural, rich colors of fall with exposed harvest corncobs.

  • Select a short, clear glass vase – a shallow cylindrical or rectangle-shaped one is ideal
  • Pour 2-3 inches of un-popped popcorn or dried corn in the bottom
  • Group harvested corn with stalks pulled back, kernel-end-down into the loose corn and arrange as desired

2. Fresh and Floral
Keep it simple by placing autumn flowers like asters, hydrangeas or chrysanthemums around your house in centerpieces. They will liven up your space by adding color, and the floral scent will leave your house smelling fresh and inviting!

Tip: Enhance the fresh smells of your home with Febreze Air Effects seasonal scents, like Fall Pumpkin and Fresh Pressed Apple.

3. That’s a Wrap
Add some rustic, autumn flare by jazzing up your napkins. Just wrap twine around your napkin rolls a few times and tie in a bow. You can also wrap a small piece of fabric around your napkin before adding the twine to create more texture and layers.

4. Get Crafty
As tempting as it is to buy more seasonal decorations, do-it-yourself crafts add a special, personalized touch to your home that store-bought décor cannot. Get your kids involved by planning a family craft night. They’ll be excited to see their fall decorations displayed about the house for all to see!

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For more ideas for all things fall, visit our Pinterest Page.



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