Star-spangled Décor: 7 Ways to Decorate for Fourth of July

Use these 7 ideas for unique and patriotic decorations this summer.

Fourth of July is one of the highlights of summer – instantly bringing back memories of leisurely days spent on a picnic blanket. Maybe you plan to head to a local parade, spend the day at the beach or just distract everyone with hot dogs while you wait for the fireworks.

If you’re looking to add some patriotic flair to your celebration, here are 7 decorating tips to show your pride and bring those all-American colors into your home!

1. Star-spangled Centerpieces
Dining by candlelight can make any ordinary dinner special. Try wrapping a few glass tea light holders in colored or tissue paper, attaching with double-sided tape. If you have a star-shaped craft punch (available in the scrapbook aisle of your local craft store), you can create a starry backdrop indoors or out.

2. Subtle with Stripes
Besides being a classic look, simple navy and white stripes are a great way to decorate. You can even add a few punches of red to make sure all the colors of the flag are represented. After the holiday has passed and the red accents are put away, you can enjoy your clean, classic stripes for the rest of the summer – or even year-round.

3. Festive Fabric Napkins
You don’t need a lot of sewing experience to dress up your table with custom napkins. Choose some cotton fabrics in red, white and blue. (I also love plaids for this project!) A half-yard piece will make two 16-inch square napkins.

Sewing Method:

  1. Cut the fabric into a square measuring 17 inches by 17 inches
  2. Fold a half-inch of the fabric at the edges and press with an iron
  3. Turn the fabric under again, bringing the raw edge to the fold so that the cut edge is concealed. Press again. Repeat the fold along all four sides
  4. Using your sewing machine, topstitch 1/8” to 3/8” from the edge. (For a fancier finish, you could try your hand at mitered corners)

No-sew Method:

Repeat steps 1-3. Instead of topstitching in step 4, apply a strip of iron-on hem tape, available at craft and fabric stores.

Timesaving Tip: If you’re running short on time before the festivities begin, simply place a Bounty Quilted Napkin at each place setting. You can even provide some markers or crayons to the little ones for fun napkin doodling!

4. Picnic Placemats
You can use the same steps from the Festive Fabric Napkins to make patriotic placemats that are easy to throw in the wash. Instead of cutting your fabric into a square, start with a rectangle – 15 inches by 17 inches will make a nice-sized placemat.

5. Blue Medal Winner
Instead of a traditional red, white and blue wreath, why not give your door first prize? Fold wrapping or tissue paper into pleats and tape the edges together to create a medallion. Cut out a paper circle and attach it to the center of the medallion for added stability using glue or tape. Cut a second piece of paper into a ribbon shape with an inverted “V” at the bottom. Attach your two pieces using tape or glue. To hang your wreath, clear fishing line works well.

6. Berry Special
We love simple centerpieces this time of year – the kind you can easily whip up in no time. Fresh strawberries and blueberries in a clean, white dish make for a festive, edible centerpiece.

7. Become a History Buff
Why not add a historical twist and use clip art of the Founding Fathers as part of your décor? (If color artwork of the presidents feels too literal, silhouettes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are easy to recognize.) Copy the artwork onto cardstock and cut out the faces of the U.S. Presidents with a circle punch. Embellish with ribbon to make cupcake toppers, centerpieces or garlands.

With a little ingenuity and some imagination, most anything can be made to adhere to a theme – so get creative and have fun with it!


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