12 Simple and Functional Ways to Repurpose Shutters

12 Simple and Functional Ways to Repurpose Shutters

Discover 12 simple, functional and unique uses for old shutter doors.

By: Grace Mitchell

That pair of shutter doors in your garage or at the junk store may look sad and forsaken, but with a little TLC, they can turn into something quite useful. Explore our 12 easy ideas for what revamped shutters can accomplish in your home.

1. Mail Organizer
Those little slats are actually good for something! Hang or lean shutters on a wall and use the slats to organize mail by type, genre or recipient.

2. Wall/Ceiling Décor
A grouping of shutters painted in varied shades and mounted in different directions can be easy filler for a large blank space.

3. Console Table
Screw four table legs to a shutter and you have an instant console table. Place stacked books along the top for a vintage, artistic look.

4. Folding Screen
Use simple hinges to connect three or four single shutters together to create a folding screen. Hide extra clothing storage or create smaller “rooms” in a large open space.

5. Headboard
Attach a few shutters to each other, and then attach some molding for the top to create a unified look. Screw a bed frame into the shutters and you have a new headboard! Paint white for a casual cottage look or a bright color to add some spunk in a room.


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6. Greeting Card Holder
String twine or ribbon across the shutters and clip clothespins to the string to hang special greeting cards.

7. Coat or Clothes Hanger
Turn the shutter horizontally and affix hooks to the bottom and top frame for a simple coat, clothes or key hanger. Alter the size and style of the hooks for an eclectic look.

8. Pot Holder
If you’re short on kitchen storage, hang large “S” hooks from the shutter slats to display utensils and pots within quick reach.

9. Photo Frame Collage
Liven up a blank space in your home by affixing hooks to your shutter and hanging photo frames. This display of images is much more interesting than just hanging them on the wall.

10. Architectural Element
Place a pair of shabby, vintage shutters on top of a modern or traditional console or buffet as an architectural element. The age and wear will make them an outside-the-box art piece!

11. Magazine Holder
Display magazines for guests to snuggle up to in your living room by sliding them into a shutter’s slats. Lean the shutter against the wall for a casual look.

12. Inside Window
Make an inside window a focal point of a room. Mount the shutters on either side of your window to give it an instant chic and homey feel.

Recycling what you have into something new and useful for you is a terrific way to feel inspired in your space. Happy repurposing!

Grace is passionate about home décor and smart DIY projects, as evidenced on her blog, A Storied Style. Being organized is the key to her calm as she and her husband raise their four children, ages 5 years and under.

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