3 Bold Décor Ideas for Your Home

3 Bold Décor Ideas for Your Home

Transform the look and feel of you home with one of these bold décor ideas.

Making changes to your home décor can be surprisingly simple. Go beyond picture frames to make lively transformations in stylish, manageable ways. Here are a few easy décor ideas that make a bold statement:

1. Accent with Wallpaper
Wallpaper is back, but not like it used to be. Today’s wallpapers come in colorful, bold patterns that make a big statement in small amounts. Use it to highlight areas such as a breakfast nook, the back of a bookshelf or along a wall. You can also use it as a surprise element in enclosed spaces, like a kitchen pantry or medicine cabinet.

Tip: Recover an outdated fridge with wallpaper. Apply it using rubber cement, so the process is reversible when you change your kitchen decor.

Create Unexpected End Tables
You can never have enough places to set your drink or rest your favorite magazine between reads. But you don’t need to spend a lot at furniture stores. Instead, you can create more surfaces by stacking interesting items that can be found around your home or purchased inexpensively. Here are a few examples:

  • Suitcases: You can find small, vintage travel cases in local antique shops and thrift stores. They come in fun colors like aqua and olive. Stack two to three from largest to smallest for a nostalgic coffee table or end table that doubles as storage.
  • Hatboxes: Another stackable item is a hatbox. Try stacking two to four, depending on their size. Also, don’t be afraid to mix new and old boxes, or solids and patterns.

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3. Throw Down Bright, Bold Rugs
Rugs add lots of color and take minimal effort. Have fun with your options. Modern patterns are bold and stylish, while polka dots are playful. Or you can even go wild with an animal print. The best part: no handy-work involved. You just have to find the perfect spot. Here are some places where a bright rug may work for you:

  • Doorways: Welcome your guests by making a statement right at the door. Place a colorful mat on your doorstep.
  • Understated Areas: Turn any space from neutral to noticeable by creating a focal point with a large, patterned rug.
  • Passageways: Try a bold runner up the steps or down a hallway. Even places where you don’t linger long can make a memorable space.
Tip: You can add bold accents in subtle ways too! Toss in some vibrant throw pillows, paint the back of a bookcase a bold color or even decorate a light switch cover with paint or wallpaper. The possibilities are endless!

Following these easy décor tips will add a fresh new look that’s sure to surprise and delight everyone you welcome into your home this spring.

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Nice tips.I agree that making a few changes into your home decor can bring a big difference in the entire look of the home. The points you have mentioned were really good and I liked each of it. Thanks for the share.

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