4 Ways to Decorate with Maps

4 Ways to Decorate with Maps

Turn old maps into vintage décor with our four inspired ideas.


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Bring personal meaning to any space by decorating with maps. As versatile as they are beautiful, maps plot our favorite places, remind us of special vacations and inspires us to travel. Since they get outdated fast, and new technology means we use them less and less, give them new life as décor!

Decorating with Maps
Repurpose already-owned maps — think old local transit and road maps — cut from pages of outdated atlases or find vintage maps at bookshops, thrift stores and swap meets. Then, make them a focal point:

1. Go Big
Hang an oversized map on a large wall in your workspace. Colorful world maps are bold and graphic, while tea-dyed maps evoke a turn-of-the-century parlor feel. To inspire dreams of faraway travel, hang a map collage above the bed in a child’s room.

2. Frame Artfully
Frame portions of maps in embroidery hoops. Cut the map 1 inch wider than the hoop, and then mold the edges over the inner circle. Clasp the outer hoop around the map, and then hang. For bigger impact, consider coating the hoop in one of the map’s colors.

Tip: This Father’s Day, remind Dad of moments you spent together by framing a map of his favorite vacation spot.

3. Arrange in a Series
Cut a map into pieces, and then hang them to resemble a completed puzzle. Close up, they stand alone, but step away and you’ll see the full picture. Use identical square frames, or try an arrangement of mismatched shapes and sizes.

4. Create a Large Canvas Mosaic
Use the instructions from the Home Made Simple TV series to create a map mosaic on canvas.

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