4 Ways to Spruce up a Soap Dispenser

4 Ways to Spruce up a Soap Dispenser

Use our simple ideas to add a personalized touch to your soap dispenser.

With a little creativity, you can turn a plain glass or plastic bottle into a fancy liquid soap dispenser or lotion bottle.

1. Tiled Dispenser

Sheets of small tile
Grout or strong clue


  1. Have your local hardware store cut the tile sheeting to the height of your dispenser
  2. Apply a thin layer of grout or glue to the outside of the dispenser
  3. Wrap the tile sheeting around the dispenser and hold into place
  4. Allow to dry completely

2. DIY Soap Dispenser: Find a lid with a pump at your local craft store that screws into a Mason jar. Fill the jar with soap and use that as the dispenser to add a rustic touch.

3. Stained-Glass Decoupage

Plain glass liquid soap dispenser
Variety of colored tissue paper (while using just two different colors will work, we found that three or more colors looks best)
White glue (Note: If you use white glue, we suggest diluting it with a little water: 3 parts glue to 1 part water.)
Foam brush
Damp rag


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  1. Wash and dry soap dispenser
  2. Spread a newspaper over your working space. Cut or tear pieces of your tissue paper into small, different-shaped pieces
  3. Spend some time arranging your tissue paper pieces on the dispenser, so you're sure to get the effect you desire
  4. Pour some of your decoupage medium or glue in a small container
  5. Take foam brush and spread a light layer of glue or decoupage medium to the back of the tissue paper
  6. Place tissue paper onto glass, and lightly smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers. Be careful as tissue paper will sometimes tear
  7. Continue process with different pieces of tissue paper until entire soap dispenser is covered
  8. Cover the entire glass with a light layer of your decoupage medium to seal. Make sure all edges are smoothed against the glass
  9. Wipe up any excess glue or mess with your damp rag
  10. Let soap dispenser dry completely before filling it with liquid soap

Tip: Turn an old glass bottle into a soap dispenser by adding a pour spout and paint or decorations.

4. Personalized Dispenser

Plain glass or plastic liquid soap dispenser
Waterproof, permanent markers or paint pens in assorted colors
Stencils (optional)
Pencil or pen


  1. Wash and dry soap dispenser
  2. Lightly draw designs on the dispenser with pencil or pen. Or use stencils
  3. Trace over the designs with your permanent markers or paint pens
  4. Let dry completely before filling with liquid soap

Tip: Wrap a dispenser in Washi tape for another adorable version of this project!

Do you have an easy, crafty way to dress up your soap dispenser? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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