Latin Fall Flair: 6 Inspired Arts & Crafts for Autumn

Latin Fall Flair: 6 Inspired Arts & Crafts for Autumn

Get into the fall spirit with these 6 Latin-inspired arts and crafts.

By: Erin Raub

Fall is a really special time for me. I don’t know if it’s the cooling temperatures or the changing leaves, but this time of year always makes me want to hole up in the house, a cup of hot tea (or cocoa) in hand, while I whip up some crafts – lots of crafts!

The best thing about crafts: they bring la familia together for some family fun! This year, my family is incorporating some Latin-American flair into our DIY projects, and here’s what’s on our list:

1. Sugar Skull Jack-O’-Lantern
If your kids are anything like my son, they spend half the year counting down to jack-o’-lantern carving night. It’s a little funny, actually, since by the time kids are old enough to carve, they’re no longer as excited about the fun-filled night of family activity we have planned. Let me present the perfect solution: the sugar skull-inspired jack-o’-lantern – a pumpkin that needs but a few simple parent-carved holes, before the kids go to town with Latin-inspired paint detailing.

2. Papel Picado Garlands
If your kids are old enough to wield some scissors, then they’re old enough to try their hand at papel picado, a traditional Mexican folk art. A quick search online will yield dozens of kid-friendly (and fast!) papel picado designs, complete with printables.

Crepe paper (at least 3 colors)
Masking tape
Your favorite papel picado template


1. Cut crepe paper into approximately 8x5 inch sheets

2. Place template on top of 4-5 crepe paper sheets, fold both in half to resemble a booklet

3. At the top of your booklet, secure with masking tape so papers don’t slip while cutting

4. Carefully cut out all shapes and designs on template

5. Remove masking tape from top

6. Flatten finished crepe papers, repeat above steps with desired amount of papeles

7. Garland: Lay out desired length of masking tape. Arrange papeles in alternating colors. Place top of papeles directly onto tape and fold tape over to secure into place

3. Sugar Skull Marshmallows
Though bonfire season is coming to a close, don’t put those marshmallows away just yet! Enter sugar-skull marshmallows. This is the perfect fall craft to do with your little ones. Grab some edible markers and decorate your marshmallows however you’d like! They’re like snowflakes: each one is supposed to be unique, so get creative!

4. Latin-Inspired Cornucopia
When you think autumn in the U.S., you no doubt think of the traditional tablescape of a full-to-brimming cornucopia, stuffed with pumpkins, corn on the cob, apples and other seasonal produce. Flip the traditional on its head and create your own DIY cornucopia – but swap the pumpkins for Latin gourds, corn for maize, and apples for good-luck grapes. If your kids aren’t quite old enough to help, let them try their hand at coloring their own cornucopia.

5. Bedazzled Gourds
This craft may make you feel like all your long-forgotten, little-girl dreams have come true: bedazzled (or glue-gunned) gourds to your heart’s content. Your kids will love this craft too – just swap the hot glue for a glue stick. You can make them as simple or as intricate – create a calavera pattern, for example – as you’d like.

6. Paper Marigold Headpieces
Marigolds are a staple of a Latin-American autumn. If the thought of keeping your house in fresh-cut marigolds is exhausting (who wants to volunteer for all that watering?), you’re going to love the ever-orange, ever-fresh wonder of tissue-paper Mexican marigolds. You can style them into a headpiece, or table centerpiece or anything else your imagination can dream up.

Cleanup Tip: Whether it’s stuck-on glue, paint or glitter from crafting, Bounty with Dawn Paper Towels will clean up even your messiest messes!

Which of these Latin-inspired crafts will you try this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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