7 Easy Ways to Redecorate a Kid's Room in a Day

7 Easy Ways to Redecorate a Kid's Room in a Day

You don’t need a big budget, or lots of time or skill to create a fresh new look.

By Lorraine Allen

Spring is a great time to think about bringing a fresh look to any room in your home, and to me, no room is more fun to redecorate than a kid’s room! You don’t need a big budget or even lots of free time to make a major difference, either. With a few easy tips and tricks, some creative thinking and some bargain hunting, you can turn any kid’s room upside down in one day, and make it look brand new and totally different. Here, seven ways to get started.

1. Consider the big picture. First, look at the larger parts of the room, which are the things taking up the most visual space. Changing these will have the biggest, quickest impact on changing the whole look of the room. Typically, these are the walls, the bed, and the floor.

2. Channel your inner artist to tackle the walls. You don’t need to repaint all four of them. Simply making the largest one a bright, bold, new color like tangerine orange, turquoise, tomato red, or sunshine yellow will do the trick. Or you might try a more mature, serene color, like a moss green, or ocean blue, or slate gray, for an older kid or teen. Using stencils, like letters, words, animal shapes, or trees, in white on top of this new color makes an even bolder statement and change, and adds that extra special something to make the bedroom more unique, too.

3. Zero in on the bed. Changing the way a bed looks is simple. Moving it to a new spot works well, as does painting the frame in a new color. A fresh set of sheets or new quilt is well worth the cost, in my opinion, when trying to redecorate a room in a flash. And bargain stores are always full of bedding items on sale. Bring your kid with you and let her enjoy being part of the decision; she will be so excited you did.

4. Get organized. While you’re shopping, consider buying storage containers, too. Have your kid take this opportunity to sort through all his junk and find new ways to organize the items he wants to keep in his room. Bins that fit on existing bookshelves or under the bed are always a good idea because they help keep things out of sight, and help contain the chaos that often takes over kids’ rooms too fast. If your kid has no bookshelves in his room, adding even just a few is another great trick to make a big change quickly. Shelves add storage, and texture to walls, and help keep things organized and easier to find, too.

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5. Try a floor covering. Splurging on a new rug is another simple way to change the look and feel of a room -- fast. If you can’t find one for the right price, keep looking. Deals are out there!


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6. Look into lighting. Maybe there’s a great new desk or floor lamp on sale that will brighten your kid’s room and add another splash of fresh color or contrast.

7. Dress the windows. Last but not least, changing the window treatment will alter the whole atmosphere of a bedroom quickly as well. Toss those old dingy shades, repaint them if they are the wooden kind, or consider new curtains that let in more light. Maximizing the natural light in any room always makes it feel bigger, brighter, and airier instantly. And here’s my favorite trick of all: hanging a mirror across from a window will reflect all that natural light and double it, making the room feel twice as bright and even larger. It’s a great designer tip that works well in any room, but especially a bedroom, I think.

How would you go about redecorating a kid’s bedroom in a day?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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