7 Steps to Redecorate a Playroom in a Weekend

7 Steps to Redecorate a Playroom in a Weekend

Give your playroom a functional makeover this weekend with our 7 useful steps.

It’s so easy for a playroom to become disorganized with board games, dolls and other stuff scattered across the floor. With a few simple changes, you can make over the space in a weekend — creating an organized, fun room that your kids will not want to leave!

Step 1: Clean it Out
One of the key rules for organization is to get rid of things you don’t need or aren’t using. That holds true for the playroom. Craft clay that’s dried out? A game that’s broken and can’t be fixed? Throw them out.

Work with your kids to figure out what toys they’ve outgrown and give those away to charity. Games and toys that your child might like in the future? Store those in a box in the closet.

Now that you’re working with a cleaner slate, it’s time to think about storage.

Step 2: Invest in Storage Solutions
Bins, cubbies, pencil holders and shelves that can hold toys, art supplies and books will help keep the space neat. Make sure that everything — even small things like crayons and stickers — has a place. That will make staying organized and neat much easier.

Skip the toy chest: A big box might sound like a great idea, but in reality, it becomes a dumping ground, making it difficult to find toys.

Keep bins with toys and shelves with games within your child’s reach: Having a tall cabinet will limit your child’s ability to clean up after a play date.

Keep toys accessible: Use these nine clever tips to organize your child’s toys and keep them up off the ground.

Tip: For easy built-in storage, use these simple instructions to make adorable cubbies.

Tip: Turn old blue jeans into decorative wall storage with this simple organizer.

Step 3: Leave Plenty of Floor Space
Kids need room to spread out and play games and run around. Don’t fill the space with items your child won’t use. Clearly define the open space with a soft throw rug or fun, kid-friendly carpet squares.

Step 4: Create Zones

  • A comfy chair in the corner creates the perfect reading nook.
  • With a section of wall covered with a chalkboard or chalkboard paint, an easel nearby and a clothesline to hang drawings, your child will have an art corner.
  • A table with chairs could be the spot for games or making art with friends.

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Step 5: Brighten the Room
Even if the playroom is in the basement, you can turn it into a cheerful, inviting space. Get or make a colorful throw rug or adhesive-backed carpet squares for the floor. Pick out bins with different colors (rather than clear or white ones). Paint a wall a bright kid-friendly color. It won’t take much time or money to freshen up the space.

Tip: Use designer Jennifer Farrell’s creative ideas to make a show-stopping rug from leftover denim!

Step 6: Decorate with Your Child

  • Your child’s going to spend the most time in the playroom, so narrow down décor ideas and let her help you choose.
  • Mixing and matching patterns is an easy way to give the room personality.
  • Making floating bookshelves from old childhood books is a fun way to blend old and new.
  • Lighting is important in a basement playroom. Use Kenneth Wingard’s lighting guide to make sure you’re choosing the right look.
  • Because it’s a playroom for kids, feel free to go bold with some design choices!

Step 7: Rotate Toys
Most kids tend to spend their time playing with a small percentage of the toys. Every month or two, pack away some toys that your child isn’t playing with, and then pull out the ones you’ve stored away. Suddenly, those old, hidden toys will feel new again, and the playroom will remain a fun place for her and her friends.

Do you have any good playroom décor ideas? Share them with the community in the comments below!

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