8 Easy Ways To Instantly Brighten Up Your Home

8 Easy Ways To Instantly Brighten Up Your Home

From simple decorating tricks to practical cleaning tips, we have put together some easy ways to let the light back in and brighten your home, without breaking the bank…

1. Have a clear out

Before you do anything else, it's time to de-clutter. Piles of mail, the hallway full of shoes, not to mention that mountain of ironing creating a hazard in your kitchen – tackling all that built up mess will give you and your house a renewed sense of Zen.

2. Brighten up your furnishings

What a difference a new cushion cover makes. Reupholstering your sofa may be impractical, but buying a few new cushion covers in this season’s bright prints (corals, aquamarines and blues are all color trends for this year) will bring a new lease of life to an old chair. Pack away those warm wool blankets and replace with light French linens, or soft striped throws in pastel colors.

3. Tackle the dirt

Nothing will brighten your home quicker than a good, deep clean. Those mucky handprints on the walls, dusty shelves and grubby tiles in the kitchen you barely notice anymore are making your home feel dark and dusty. But they can be dealt with quickly with Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Sprays and Magic Erasers – which are so easy to use, even the grandkids can have a go.

4. Bring the outside in

Nothing says spring is coming more than an abundance of flowers. Dust off your vases and buy in-season, cut flowers, not limiting them to the living room. A vase of blue hydrangeas in the bathroom, white freesias in your bedroom – any area will benefit from beautiful blooms (especially ones that smell heavenly).


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5. Update the doors

If you suffer from a dark hallway or kitchen, swap any dark and heavy doors for glass ones – a door with frosting or etched panels will protect your privacy. You can also swap internal doors for glass ones, making your home feel more open-plan without having to take down walls.

6. Reflect the light

Bring more light into your rooms with some strategically placed mirrors opposite the windows. A large mirror over the fireplace or in a dark dining room – even without a window nearby – will instantly brighten your home. Or you could try this popular DIY project: buy old wooden mirrors from second-hand shops, paint the frames all white and make a mirror feature wall up your staircase or in a hallway.

7. Just add white

The color white instantly lifts a room. If you have the time to decorate, give your room a fresh coat of crisp white paint or, alternatively, incorporate some white accessories. Find old pieces of furniture or second-hand bargains and paint them white, or change your picture frames for minimalist white ones – you’ll be surprised to see how this small change in contrast can lighten even the darkest of walls.

8. Go for glass

Swap a dark wood dining table or side tables for glass ones for an instant injection of brightness. The appearance of barely there furniture will make your rooms feel bigger and will help reflect the light.

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