Birch Tree Mural

Birch Tree Mural

Paint a woodsy birch forest in your child’s room with Kenneth Wingard’s instructions.

5 col

Decorating your child’s room with a birch forest design is easy. Here’s how you can do it in your own home.

Paint roller
Paint pan
Latex paint (base wall color and accent color of trees)
Small and medium angled paint brushes
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power


  1. Using a paint roller, paint the wall with a base color and allow time to dry
  2. Freehand draw the birch trees on the wall with a pencil in your desired locations. You can also use the birch tree template provided

Tip: Allow your hand to flow— any imperfections will actually add character to your trees.


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  1. Using your accent paint color, hand paint inside of your pencil lines with the angle paintbrushes

Tip: Using a side-to-side swiping motion will help create the birch tree affect.

  1. Allow time for the paint to dry completely
  2. Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power to remove any unwanted pencil lines

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