Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Front Door

Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Front Door

Tired of coming home to a bland front door? Spruce it up with these tips.

By: Kelly Lee-Creel

The front door is the gateway to your home. The doorstep gives your guests their very first impression of your place. The question is, “What type of impression is it making?”

With a little attention, you can turn a dull and dreary doorstep to a welcoming entrance. Here’s how:

Paint That Door
You knew we were going to say this, right? Paint is the best way to transform your front door. If you own your home (or have an understanding landlord), then it’s time to pull out the sand paper and painting supplies. Whether you decide on a rich red, cheery yellow or a bold blue, don’t be afraid to make a statement.

Let Guests Know They Have Arrived
Adding your house number or monogram in vinyl not only helps guests find their way, it also lets them know you have style. Vinyl decals can update the look of your front door almost instantly. (Check out art websites for custom number decals that are budget-friendly.) An added bonus? Most decals are removable, so, if you change your mind, it’s no problem.

Add Some Sparkle With Hardware
Feeling fancy? Why not add an old-fashioned doorknocker or a new button for your doorbell? Try giving existing hardware an entirely new look with spray paint formulated specifically for metals. (For the best results, look for spray paints that include a built-in primer.) Update any porch lights to match and you are on your way to a totally new style.


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Don’t Put Away the Wreath
Wreaths don’t have to be just for the holidays. A wintry cluster of Manzanita branches or a fresh arrangement of eucalyptus leaves can be seasonally appropriate and welcoming. No matter the weather outside, a seasonally appropriate wreath adds style to your front door. For a DIY twist, try making ruffles, pompons or flowers out of fabric, yarn or felt.

Put the “Welcome” in Welcome Mat
Make sure your doormat is the right scale for your front door. Upgrade a skimpy, too-small mat with something more generous. Go bold! Look for a fun color or clever design that coordinates (or contrasts) with the color of your front door.

Go “Preppy” With Plants
A set of matching topiaries or neatly trimmed evergreens on either side of an entrance lends a polished, sophisticated look. For an even more dramatic statement, try painting the pots a deep, saturated color to really make the foliage pop.

Invite Guests to Relax
If there is room, why not add a bench? (This is especially helpful if you are the type to ask guests to remove their shoes before entering your home.) A bench is the perfect opportunity to introduce color and pattern. Use an outdoor fabric to upholster the seat or add some throw pillows for a punch of color. For a design classic, try using a bold stripe in the same color as your front door.

Kelly is a fabric and craft designer in Seattle and the founder of Ever Kelly, a popular craft blog where she posts projects and tutorials for a vibrant community of online crafters and parents. Her line of fabrics and patterns from Andover Fabrics hit store shelves in 2012.

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