Custom Throw Pillows

Custom Throw Pillows

Design your own custom throw pillows with fabric dye and batik wax.

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These custom dyed pillows add a cool eclectic vibe to your room’s décor. Create your own design with fabric dye and batik wax.

1 pound of batik wax
Wood frame (or stretch frame for canvas art)
4 clamps
Cookie sheet (or cardboard sheet)
Fabric pen (color doesn’t matter)
Fabric dye (color of your choice)
2-gallon bucket
1.5 gallons of water
Plain brown paper (1 roll)
Stir stick
Drying rack (optional)
Double boiler or electric skillet


  1. Stretch a pillowcase tight over a wood frame for stretching canvas. Hold the pillowcase in place with clamps at all four corners. If you do not have a wood frame, use heavy duty cardboard and hold the ends tautly with clamps

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Tip: Make sure the fabric is stretched tight across the wood frame. The batik wax needs to connect into the fibers of the fabric and create a tight seal. Otherwise, the dye may run and create unwanted shapes within the design.

  1. Use a fabric pen and draw your design on the pillowcase
  2. Melt batik wax in a double boiler or electric skillet
  3. Dip an inexpensive paintbrush in the melted wax. Brush the pattern within the design lines, directly onto the pillowcase
  4. Prepare a dye bath by filling a 2-gallon bucket with cold water. Empty a bottle of dye into the water and swirl around with a stir stick. (Fiber-reactive dyes work with cool water. Hot water dyes melt the wax.) Remove the pillowcase from the wood frame, and submerge it in the dye bath for 10 minutes. Rinse out the excess dye with cold water
  5. Dry the pillowcase flat on a drying rack for a minimum of 24 hours to allow the dye to set into the fibers
  6. Turn the pillowcase inside out so the wax is now facing in. Insert a sheet of brown paper into the pillowcase, and place a second sheet of brown paper on the outside of the pillowcase. You are going to take a hot iron, and iron over the brown paper to melt the wax design inside. (Avoid using printed brown grocery bags, which can transfer the colored ink onto your fabric)
  7. Iron until all the wax comes off the pillowcase. (The wax will stick to the brown paper sheet inside the pillowcase. If the sheet appears to have a lot of wax on it, replace it with a new sheet of brown paper and continue ironing)
  8. When done, pull the pillowcase right side out and place a pillow inside. Discard the brown paper bags covered in wax

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