Decorate Your House For Less With These Tips

Decorate Your House For Less With These Tips

Use these simple and easy ideas to spruce up your living for the lowest possible cost.

By: The Daily Clutch

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Sure, we’d all love to have high-end designers step in and elegantly re-imagine our homes, but hiring a professional interior designer can be mighty pricey. Think starting prices of $100 an hour.


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While we may dream about splashing some extra cash around for home updates and major renovations, it’s much easier and thoroughly affordable to borrow the best tricks of the trade in the design world and apply them to our own digs.

Are you ready to take a crash course in interior design? Here are five ways to fluff up your nest with a keenly expert and tasteful eye:

1.) Remember: Form Follows Function

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, for instance, think about its function first (the purpose of the room: cooking) and then get crazy-good playful with the form (decorative elements such a door knobs, floor mats and rugs and so on). Look at it this way: Those groovy tangerine chairs won’t mean much if the new refrigerator and oven aren’t properly installed or the table placement impedes traffic flow to the dining room.

2.) Create A Vision Board

Grab all those back copies of home magazines and tear out pages of furniture groupings, colors, artwork and fabrics that inspire you. Check out Pinterest. Visit paint stores and pick out color swatches you like. Most fabric or craft shops will snip off a piece from a fabric bolt for you at no cost. Be sure to keep a notepad and camera with you as well to capture ideas during your explorations.

3.) Set A Budget And A Deadline For Your Project

If you want to splurge on a sofa in the living room, then scale back your spending on other items such as pillows, artwork and throws. Some store’s collections are a glorious place to find the latest decorating trends. Oftentimes, I plan a social event around the completion of a room makeover. It keeps me keep motivated and on track with a schedule. This year? I am painting the guest bedroom a simply dreamy color before my sister’s visit this spring. The paint color I chose sells for $99 a gallon. Yikes. To save considerable money, I had the hue matched to a less expensive paint brand.

4.) Arm Yourself Boldly with DIY Knowledge

Check out the Home Made Simple TV series for tutorials to learn the smartest ways to paint a room or sew a panel curtain. And home-improvement retail giants often offer free how-to workshops on such subjects as laying tile, building a storage bench or installing a vanity. There are some online sites that allow you to give your floor-plan ideas a trial run in the virtual world.

5.) Scout with a Mission

Let flea markets, thrift shops, yard sales, and dollar stores be your best friends. Visit these playgrounds often. I frequently see stunning light fixtures, reclaimed wood flooring, antique stained glass windows and artisan pieces online. Oftentimes, the prices are considerably less than what you would find in a brick-and-mortar shop. (But do factor in shipping costs.) Likewise, be sure to regularly roam the clearance aisles at the brick-and-mortar stores.

This story was written by Suzette DeSart, contributor for The Daily Clutch.

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