Decorating the Season with Familia y Amigos

Decorating the Season with Familia y Amigos

When this season arrives, the more decorations, the better. After all, this season is for celebrating!

Regardless of when you start decorating for the season – before Thanksgiving or waiting as long as possible – there are a lot of places in your home to consider. While there are plenty of tried-and-true ways to decorate, it’s also nice to find new ways to decorate so everyone who comes in feels the spirit of the holidays.

And even better, get the family together to help. It’s a hectic time and you want to get the decorating done too, so make it a family affair with these practical and easy steps that even kids can help out with.

Front Door
This will, obviously, be the first thing anyone sees when they come to visit, so don’t hold back. Doors and windows look spectacular if each one has a pine wreath with a red ribbon on it, and hanging vine in holiday colors is a fun idea.

Hallway Décor
Here’s an idea for a centerpiece or a decoration you can put in your hallway: terra cotta flowerpots, each with a candle and bunches of rosemary and pine, with berries and red details. Put them all together in a metal basket or a wooden box and you will have a cheap and original decoration.

Or fill a shallow vase, cover it in candy canes and put roses in it. Tie a ribbon around it for a final touch.


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Dress Up What’s Already Out
Imagine how elegant your chairs will look adorned with a red ribbon and a little green branch. They will look beautiful and will highlight your dining room.

Or consider the lamp in your dining room. Go from ordinary to extraordinary with some holly and berries, or by hanging some round ornaments on it.

The Smell of the Holidays
Don’t just have your house look like the holidays – have it smell like it too. Orange, cinnamon and peppermint are all great scents that really speak to the season.

The Sound of the Holidays
The final touch to the perfect holiday ambience will always be music. Your amigos and familia will surely appreciate a mix of American carols. ¡Ahora a bailar!

Where do you find inspiration for the holiday decorations en tu casa?

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