Decorating Tips for Your Child’s Bedroom

Decorating Tips for Your Child’s Bedroom

Read these ideas to get your own about creating a versatile, personal room for your child.

Your child’s room can be many things to him over the years: a place to play, a place to sleep, read — or even a place he is sent to as punishment — but, at the end of the day, year in and year out, it will always be a sanctuary.

It’s no serious stretch to say that redecorating the room every time a child wants to would be a costly endeavor — one day he wants to be an astronaut, the next day a cowboy — so when we take on making the room as personal as possible, it takes some thought.

The overarching theme, however, is versatility. When you shop expressly for that quality, you can both unlock your own creativity and, perhaps most importantly, save some money, too.

Your Personal Masterpiece

Consider the constantly changing obsessions of your child before planning and splurging on an expensive paint scheme. While it may seem somewhat bland in an empty room, a pastel or neutral color really is everywhere for a reason: It works with most anything.

Decorations, pictures and everything else come and go, but paint is meant to last a long time. Let the objects in the room, bedspreads and other easily customizable things pull the room together — not a highly personal paint job your child may get sick of within weeks.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, numerous companies make chalkboard paint you can use on an entire wall. While black or billiard-table green may not be your first choice of colors, the ability to draw, write and just have fun on their own wall can work wonders on children’s moods and creativity. As they get older, they can write reminders to themselves on the wall or, if they pursue their creativity, create their own murals.

Use your imagination to help them unlock theirs. It will save everyone future frustrations and money — a win-win situation.

Greater Than the Sum of the Parts


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Since versatility is the name of the game, it’s up to you to create a space the child can identify and grow with. Having an enormous wagon wheel that cost hundreds of dollars because your son wants to be a pathfinder is not what we’re talking about here. Instead, opt for something like an aged chest — a legitimately aged one — you can probably find cheaper secondhand than you could brand new from a décor shop.

Think of the small things that make up a scene. If it helps, consider yourself a set designer and your child the star of a movie: Of course you want to make the scene look authentic, but there’s more to a setting than the obvious. Think of the ambience.

With that in mind, you may think about investing in something that your child, no matter what age, can use. Unique wall-mounted shelves can survive nearly any theme the room takes. Just remember, it isn’t the shelf itself, but what’s on it that may bring the entire theme together.

If your child likes football, get surplus lockers and posters instead of making the room into a stadium. Likewise, if she likes soccer, build a small, simple goal over the head of her bed. Thinking outside the box is your friend here. Creativity will go a long way in making your child — and bank account — happy.

Growing Up Together

Children change and grow up quickly. It’s important to keep that in mind when decorating a room. When the child turns into a teen, the room will, too. While you may cringe at the thought of your daughter having magazine cutouts of the latest teen stars on the walls you so lovingly painted, remember: It’s her room.

If you’re reaching that point, make sure the room has the ability to take a sudden change toward both potential destinations: Wild and at least relatively sophisticated. (Here’s where that neutral paint shade may come in handy most.)

That trunk mentioned earlier? It may accompany your child all the way to college. It has character despite maybe having been a steal at the register years ago. If you opt to get wall shelving, you’ll see its true versatility as your child grows up and the things placed on them change. Action figures may be replaced with trophies and, someday, maybe even a diploma or degree.

Regardless of what your child wants to be at this stage in his or her life, using a little creativity and thinking outside the box can help you truly personalize a room into something both of you can enjoy.

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