Decorating with Headboards

Decorating with Headboards

Use these easy tips and ideas to create a one-of-a-kind, inexpensive headboard.

By: Kirsten Grove

Ironically, we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, but we spend the least amount of time decorating them. Adding a unique headboard is an inexpensive option that makes a huge, beautiful impact.

Curtain Headboard
For a simple, elegant look, hang a decorative curtain rod above your bed with long drapes that go all the way to the floor.

Tip: Weave long pieces of fabric or pretty sheer scarves through the curtain rings to add more depth to the design.

Plank Headboard
All you need is six long wooden plank boards, screws and wood stain or paint.

1. Stain or paint the wood.
2. Allow time to dry.
3. Screw one board, lengthwise, into the wall above bed.
4. Add more boards, spacing them 2-4 inches above the previous one until the planks reach 3-5 feet above the bed frame.

Tip: Depending on the look you desire, alternate wood colors between planks. Go a shade lighter on each plank to create an ombre effect or stain and distress the planks for a rustic feel.

Stenciled Headboard
Stencil a large, bold design you like above your bedframe to create an inexpensive, customizable headboard that can be easily changed out whenever.


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Tip: Add designs, outlines or shapes to it and create a truly personalized look.

Old Door Headboard
Put those gorgeous vintage doors at flea markets and thrift shops to good use. Remove the knobs and secure to the wall with hooks or large screws.

  • Hang one horizontally above a bed or hang two vertically to really add some dimension.
  • Leave the antique door as is for a vintage look, or give it a fresh coat of paint.

Tip: Decorate the door with twinkle lights or even green vines for a special touch.

Upholstered Headboard
For a luxurious look without breaking the bank, build a wooden headboard frame in any shape you like, cover it in batting and then upholster it in a fabric that complements your room.

Folding Screen Headboard
Find a folding screen you love and attach it to the wall behind your bed. Leave it as is or give it new look by painting the surface.

Tip: Swap out the folding screen for 3-5 old shutters attached to the wall.

Most anything can be converted into a fun headboard that’s anything but normal.

Kirsten is an interior blogger for Simply Grove and has been featured by Anthology Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Design* Sponge and

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Another great idea for a customized headboard is to shop around local flea markets for old gates. Look for wooden or rod iron gate. I personally found a gorgeous old rod iron gate for $10! Once I got it home & cleaned it up, I simply placed the rod iron gate on or against the wall & pushed my bed up to sit flush with gate. No tools needed! My new customized head board added such a polished & charming look to my once "blah" bedroom. I get numerous compliments on my one of a kind head board.

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