Decorating Your Casa Latina On a Budget

Decorating Your Casa Latina On a Budget

Welcome spring into your home with bright, bold décor that’s budget-friendly.

For many Latinas, color and bold design run through our veins. It’s how our parents decorated, and how our grandparents and great-grandparents decorated – with vibrant textures, exuberant colors and intricate patterns. These styles make us happy and help us remember our heritage. Our beautiful, richly hued heritage.

But as modern-day Latinas, we’ve often had to make choices: contemporary tastes or old-world traditions. Monotone throws or handwoven textiles. Sleek tiles or brightly painted ceramics. It’s our internal cultural tug-of-war, represented through our home décor.

Good news, my design-loving friends: Latin-inspired everything is definitely and indisputably on trend. With spring on the horizon, many of us are craving the spicy, earthy colors so popular with our ancestors. Open your favorite magazine, and you’ll find whitewashed walls enlivened by aquamarine, orange and burnished accents. Bolivian textiles and Peruvian weaves. Mexican mosaics and Brazilian baskets. Latin America and the Caribbean are in abundance and very en vogue.

The even better news is that the Latin design trend isn’t all-or-nothing; it’s still contemporary, it still loves muted palettes. But it also celebrates our roots with splashes of color and artisan pieces, including all those heirlooms you’ve never quite known what to do with. We’re talking something in between abuela’s style and the fancy, Latin-inspired interiors you see splashed across design magazines.

The best part: you can even add some flair to your space on a budget. Here are a few of our favorite, budget-friendly ways to usher in spring:


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Change Your Look with Paint
If you’re looking for bang for your buck, there’s really no better choice than a coat of fresh color. All you’ll need are a few gallons of paint, some painter’s tape, drop cloths, rollers, and a brush or two – and a free weekend to get your paint on. You can go super bold with bright, tropical colors, or opt for a muted, earthy palette that’ll match much of your current décor.

Embrace Latin Textiles
If you’re from Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Panama or other countries, you know how beautiful Latin-American textiles are. Native fibers and natural dyes are woven into spectacular blankets, wall hangings, throw pillows and more. Simply choose a piece that complements your current décor to breathe fresh life into your home, just in time for spring.

Dig Out Your Heirlooms
If you have family heirlooms or hand-me-downs hanging out in the attic, now’s the time to go treasure hunting. Displaying old baskets, hardwood knickknacks, ceramics, and even furniture can be an incredible way to commemorate your roots and remember your ancestors. Not to mention, to get your home ready for its fashionable spring debut.

So you tell us: How are you using Latin-inspired style this spring?

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