DIY Moon Lights

DIY Moon Lights

This project takes a large salad bowl and turns it into retro mood lighting.

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Difficulty: Easy

Large plastic salad bowl
1 1/2” wood dowel – slightly shorter than the depth of the salad bowl
6’ rope lights – incandescent, plus power cord
Wood disc – 1/4” x 8” diameter
Black spray paint – matte finish
Gold spray paint – matte finish
Multicolored textured spray paint
(2) short zip ties
Drill with 1” keyhole blade and Phillips head bit
D-ring tab
1 1/2” wood screw
Epoxy glue
Wall cord cover (optional)


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Preparing the Salad Bowl:

  1. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the outside of the salad bowl matte black and the inside of the salad bowl matte gold. Allow to dry for 1-2 hours before moving on to the next step
  2. Place the salad bowl face down and eyeball the center. Approximately 2 inches out from the center, drill a 1-inch hole using the keyhole blade. This hole will be where the power cord passes through (See image below)
  3. Eyeball approximately 3 inches out from the center and 5 inches opposite the 1-inch hole. Attach the D-ring loop to the salad bowl using epoxy glue. Allow to set for 12 hours before hanging the light (See image below)

    Preparing the Rope Light:
  4. Wrap the 6’ rope light around the wood dowel and secure in place with short zip ties (See image below)
  5. Apply epoxy glue to one end of the wood dowel and press it into the center of the salad bowl (See image below)
  6. Secure the wood dowel to the salad bowl by screwing a 1 1/2” wood screw through the back of the salad bowl and into the dowel
  7. Pass the power cord through the back of the bowl and attach to the rope light. Turn the bowl back over so it’s face up, ready for the next steps (See image below)

    Adding the Wood Disc:
  8. Spray paint the wood disc with multicolored textured spray paint and allow to dry 1-2 hours
  9. Apply epoxy glue to the top of the wood dowel and center the wood disc on top of it. Allow the epoxy glue to dry for 12 hours before hanging the light (See image below)
  10. Repeat all steps for creating multiple lights that can be hung in a cluster
    Tip: Once the lights are hung, cover the wires down to the floor with wall cord covers. Paint to match the wall color

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