DIY Moroccan Side Table

DIY Moroccan Side Table

Create an elegant side table with a decorative tray and Nicole Gibbons’ instructions.

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Convert a narrow plant stand or side table into an elegant table using a decorative tray.

Existing plant stand (or side table)
100-grit sandpaper
Damp rag
Spray paint (the color of your choice)
Foam mounting strips
Decorative metal tray
Ruler or tape measurer



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  1. Use 100-grit sandpaper to lightly sand and scuff up the plant stand for painting. This will help the paint adhere
  2. With a damp rag, wipe the plant stand down to remove all the excess dust and dirt
  3. Spray paint the stand in the color of your choice in a well-ventilated area. Let dry
  4. Use a foam-mounting strip that is slightly smaller than the top of the plant stand to secure the tray to the top of the plant stand. Peel one side of the backing off the foam-mounting strip to reveal the adhesive. Position the mounting strip off-center and press the adhesive side into the top of the plant stand. Apply a second mounting strip, off-center, on the top of the plant stand. The placement of the strips does not need to be precise, as they will be hidden under the tray
  5. Peel back the remaining paper backing off the mounting strip to reveal a second adhesive side. Take your tray and line it up over the top of the plant stand. Use a ruler or tape measure to make sure the tray is centered. When you’re ready, press the tray down on top of the adhesive strips, securing the tray to the table. Make sure the tray is centered because once the tray is down you cannot lift it or move it around

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