DIY Vintage Dyed Rug

DIY Vintage Dyed Rug

Make a rug match your home décor by dying it yourself.

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Dye a rug in any color to match your décor! Be sure to select a rug that is made from natural fibers versus synthetic material. Natural fibers will soak up the dye better.

Cold water
Dye (colors of your choice)
(2) 5 gallon buckets or bins
Hot water
Stir stick
Washing machine and detergent


  1. Clean the rug thoroughly according to care instructions
  2. Submerge the rug in cold water to completely saturate it for several minutes— this will prevent the rug from unevenly soaking up the dye
  3. Put on gloves and mix the dye in a bucket of hot water. Pour in different bottles of dye to create the color of your choice. Use a stir stick to mix the colors around — this will give you an idea of how bold the color will be
  4. Once you have the color you want, transfer the rug from the cold water to the hot water dye. Use the stir stick to push the rug down and make sure it is fully submerged in the dye. Let the rug sit for at least one hour, stirring and repositioning the rug every 10 minutes

Tip: Add salt (or vinegar) to your dye mixture to seal the color into the fabric. This will prevent the color from fading over time.


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  1. After the rug has soaked for one hour, remove the rug from the dye and transfer it to an empty bin or bucket. Place the rug in a washing machine and set the machine for a normal cycle with cold water. Pour in detergent and check back when the cycle is done. (Make sure to run two empty loads through the washing machine after you remove the rug in order to get rid of the excess dye)

Tip: If you do not have a washing machine or do not want to use your machine, you can rinse the rug out in your bathtub or in a large sink or bucket of water. Make sure to run plenty of water through the rug until the rinse water is no longer bleeding color or dye.

  1. When the wash cycle is done, hang the rug up to dry or lay it out in a sunny place. It may take several hours or a day to fully dry

Tip: Take a similar approach to customizing textiles with ombre dyed curtains.

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