Easy Wallpaper Accents

Easy Wallpaper Accents

Give your home décor accents and furniture a fresh new look with wallpaper.

Wallpaper isn’t just for walls! Visit your local home improvement store and stock up on bargain-bin wallpaper and samples or grab wallpaper scraps from past projects. Next, try out these quick projects that make for maximum impact!

Hanging Hook Rack
Stowed away in a closet — or perhaps already hanging on your wall — is a rack that could use some sprucing up. And you won’t believe how simple it is to do!

What You’ll Need
Hanging rack with hooks
Wallpaper adhesive
Staple gun


  1. Unscrew the hooks from the rack and set them aside.
  2. Lay the piece of wallpaper face (design) down. Spray the front of the rack with adhesive and adhere it to the center of the wallpaper piece. Smooth out any bubbles.
  3. Set something heavy, like a book or a big plant, on the back of the rack and let the adhesive dry.
  4. Once it’s dry, fold the long edges over the width of the rack, one at a time, making creases as you fold.
  5. Staple each side with a staple gun, working from the center, outward, pulling tightly as you go.
  6. Wrap the short edges around the rack like you’re wrapping a present, also making creases as you fold. Pull tightly and staple.
  7. Turn the rack over and using your finger, feel around for the hook holes. Reattach the hooks to the front, poking a hole in the wallpaper with the screw.

Tip: If you’re buying wallpaper for a bigger project, like covering a bookcase or headboard, keep in mind that wallpaper typically comes in double rolls that contain approximately 56 square feet.


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Serving Tray
Do you have a serving tray that you’d like to re-style? Or maybe you found an old one at your local thrift store that could use a little pick-me-up. With a little wallpaper, it’ll look refreshed and good as new!

What You’ll Need
Serving tray
Metal Ruler
Craft knife
Spray adhesive


  1. Using your ruler, measure the inside edge of each of the tray’s sides and write down the measurements on a scrap of paper.
  2. Use the ruler as a guide on top of the piece of wallpaper, and cut along the edge with a craft knife to create a straight line equal to the length of each side.
  3. Spray the back of the wallpaper with wallpaper adhesive or apply rubber cement to the tray and affix the paper to the inside section of the tray. Smooth out any bubbles and allow it to dry.

*Tip: If you have a bunch of uneven pieces of wallpaper that aren’t big enough to cover anything, cut them into squares or strips, and adhere them side-by-side to make a patchwork design across the tray.

Don’t just stop with these projects, either! The sky is the limit with wallpaper. Try adding it to places where you might not normally think of adding a punch of color or patterns like a home office or in your garage!

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