How to Create a Kid Friendly Bathroom

How to Create a Kid Friendly Bathroom

Keep your kids safe from the hazards of the bathroom — and vice versa — with these tips.

When thinking about the rooms of your house, what’s the first thing that comes to mind about the bathroom? Clean? In dire need of cleaning? Pristine, contemporary or stylish?

How about safe for the kids to be in alone? Or, even better, how about safe and beautiful, too?

Our bathrooms are places with electrical sockets near sources of water; strange, exotic-colored bottles filled with very important medications; toxic chemicals in every cabinet below hip-level and floors slippery when wet. But that doesn’t have to mean it’s dangerous. With a little ingenuity, the bathroom can be a place you feel confident is both kid-proof and shows a sense of style, too.

Out of Reach (of Children), Out of Mind
A nice-looking bathroom with real hazards is an exercise of form without function. You may have the cleanest, most aesthetically pleasing bathroom on the block, but it’s important to remember you’re not the only one who uses it.

Your children will have to go to the bathroom at some point. Don’t give them the chance to get hurt — or undo all the work you put into cleaning and arranging it.

Nowadays, cabinet locks come in various shapes, sizes and levels of sophistication; electrical outlet covers are becoming more than just flimsy plastic covers; and nonslip mats can actually add a little accent to your bathroom décor. As for saving room, think vertically. Floor to ceiling as opposed to wall to wall might be to your advantage when considering movable, separate pieces of cabinetry and storage. Put dangerous things like razors, creams, lotions, curling irons or hair dryers higher up. It’s somewhat rudimentary in theory, but tall, space-saving cabinetry is both chic and charming — and it makes your bathroom safer.

The point is that kid-proofing your bathroom depends a lot on the accessibility (or lack thereof) to the obvious dangers. While the premise of keeping dangerous things from our kids’ reaches isn’t complicated, doing it in a way that keeps your bathroom worthy of applause adds another layer of complexity to organization.


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Doing Double Duty
Installing things in your bathroom that do more than add an eye-catching element is the key to kid-proofing and beautifying your bathroom at the same time.

Shower doors made of safety glass add both a contemporary styling, but also keeps children who aren’t strong enough or can’t reach the handle out of the tub. As mentioned above, a nonslip bathroom rug can add some color to the entire room while also adding a safety measure often taken for granted.

Medicine cabinets can come in stainless steel and feature lock-and-key doors, installing shelves on the walls for toothbrushes and toothpaste is as simple as drilling in a few screws, and, if you’re going for a complete remodel, using semi-gloss paint on the walls can help fight damage from many things: If bath time suddenly turns the room into a sauna (look for bathroom-specific paint, as that usually means it has mildew-fighting capabilities), a high-quality paint will do wonders when it comes to how much work it saves in the long run.

Aside from products and precautions you can take, having your children in and out of your bathroom is also a call to constant upkeep from parents, too. Potentially dangerous items must be put away to so they don’t potentially harm the kids. Think of it like a second reason to tidy up. Even if your child knows that it’s bad to do certain things, what’s a few extra seconds to make sure he or she doesn’t have the chance? Of course, educating your children about all the things in the bathroom helps, but even adults occasionally slip up.

All of these ideas — and the ones you can come up with on your own — can help keep your kids safe in the bathroom and your bathroom safe from your kids.

With a little thought and some DIYing (but who doesn’t love that?), making your bathroom kid-proof and a place you’re proud to call your own can be a fun way to flex your redecorating skills and let your inner creativity really shine through.

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