How to Hide a TV

How to Hide a TV

Hang framed artwork from a galvanized pipe track to hide a TV.

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Disguise a flat-screen TV with a framed of piece of art that hangs from your ceiling. Simply slide the picture frame to the side whenever you want to watch television.

Stud finder
Framed artwork (larger than your television)
5/8-inch wood drill bit
1-pound box of 2-inch woodscrews
Cordless drill (with Philips head screw bit)
(2) 5/8-inch eyehooks
(3) 1⁄2-inch galvanized flanges
(2) 1⁄2-inch galvanized elbow joints
(1) 1⁄2-inch galvanized tee joint
8-foot long section of 1⁄2-inch galvanized pipe


  1. Hold the artwork frame up in front of the television to make sure that it will fully block the TV as desired. On the top of the artwork frame, drill a 5/8-inch hole just 2 inches in from the left edge. Drill another hole just 2 inches in from the right edge. Twist an eyehook into each hole with the eye facing the side
  2. Plan out where you would like your TV to go in your living room. If you wish to mount the TV on the wall, you can purchase a mounting kit from a local hardware store and assemble according to the packaging instructions
  3. Use a stud finder and a pencil to locate and mark the ceiling joists (beams) right above your TV location. Locate the nearest ceiling joist to the left side of your TV, and mark this point with a pencil. This is where you will attach your first flange to the ceiling. (Make sure that the flange will be several inches in front of the TV, otherwise the frame will hit the TV as it hangs in place)
  4. Measure the length of your artwork frame (in our case the frame was 36 incheslong). Measure 36 inches over to the right of the first flange and locate the nearest ceiling joist; mark the joist location with a pencil. This is where you will attach a second flange to the ceiling. Measure 36 inches over to the right, again, and locate the nearest ceiling joist. Mark it with a pencil. This is where you will attach a third flange to the ceiling
  5. Measure from the first flange mark on the ceiling over to the second flange mark. This will be your first section. Measure from the second flange mark over to the third flange. This will be your second section
  6. Hold the frame up so that it fully blocks the TV. Measure the distance between the ceiling and the middle of the eyehooks. This will be your hang-height. (In our case, the artwork hangs 6 inches down from the ceiling to the middle of the eyehook)
  7. Go to your local hardware store and pickup 1⁄2-inch galvanized pipe and pipe joints. The pipes are pre-cut and pre-threaded, and you can buy them to your specific measurements:

           (3) pieces at your hang height
           (1) piece the length of your first section
           (1) piece the length of your second section


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  1. When you arrive home, assemble your track of pipes that will hang from the ceiling, supporting the artwork:
    1. Attach a flange to one section of hang-height-pipe
    2. On the end of the hang-height-pipe, screw on one elbow piece
    3. To the elbow piece, connect the first section of cut pipe (36 inches)
    4. Feed on both the eye hooks (still attached to your frame)
    5. Attach the tee joint to the end of the first section
    6. Continue going in a straight line by adding the second section of cut pipe to the tee joint (36 inches)
    7. Attach the second elbow piece on the end
    8. Attach a hang-height-piece on the other end of the elbow joint
    9. Connect a flange to the hang height piece
    10. Go back to the middle tee joint and add the last hang-height piece to the tee joint
    11. Attach the final flange to the hang-height piece
  1. Now that the track is assembled and the artwork frame is threaded on to the track through the eyehooks, have a friend help you lift the frame and track up to the ceiling. Have a friend hold the frame up while you line up the flanges and drive screws through the screw holes in each flange and into the marked ceiling joists. Once you’ve attached all three flanges to the ceiling, step back and let go of the frame. It should hang in place, covering the TV. Slide the artwork off to the right whenever you want to watch TV

Tip: If your eyehooks squeak across the pipe, spray metal lubricant or rub a bar of wax across the top of the bar.

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