Indoor Grass Décor

Indoor Grass Décor

Get classy and grassy with our grass-planting instructions and décor ideas.

Who says grass is just for the lawn? You can use it to decorate your home! It’s easy to plant and a fast grower. Follow our simple steps for planting this herbaceous plant, and then try some of our container and décor ideas.

Planting Your Grass
With these instructions, you’ll start seeing sprouts in three to four days. In 10 days, the grass will be ready to display!

Tip: No time to grow your own grass? Purchase silk grass at your local craft or housewares store.

Mesh screen (cut to fit under your pot)
Clay pot
Fast-draining soil (like cactus potting mix)
Grass seeds (rye grass grows especially well indoors)
Spray bottle
Paper towels


  1. Place a mesh screen under your planting pot to aid drainage
  2. Fill the pot with soil. Leave about an inch from the top and level it off
  3. Moisten the soil, then sprinkle seeds generously over it
  4. Sprinkle a little more soil over the seeds, then mist with a spray bottle for a few days
  5. Set the pot on a few paper towels to absorb drips and condensation

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Container Ideas

Modern Look
: Choose a container that has sleek lines, like a rectangular or hexagonal shape.

Traditional Look: Find a classic looking Grecian urn or carved planter. Even a tried-and-true clay flowerpot looks unique with grass planted inside.

Vintage Look: You can also plant grass in old tea tins and wicker baskets lined with plastic.

Grass Décor Ideas

  • Add paper butterflies or faux flowers to create darling grass embellishments.
  • Place a row of small grass planters down the middle of your dinner table for an intriguing centerpiece.
  • A long, narrow planter with grass shooting out the top is a nice cap to a credenza or a low hall cabinet.
  • Smaller pots full of grass look adorable on windowsills.
  • Place one next to the bathroom sink to add a natural touch.
  • For seasonal celebrations, arrange decorated eggs or bird nests on top of potted grass.
  • For the golfer in your family, tee up some golf balls and present it as a unique gift.

Tip: Use any of the grass decorations above to adorn your outdoor or patio décor too!

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