Mismatched Home Décor Tips

Mismatched Home Décor Tips

These four quick tips will help you mix and match all sorts of home décor.

By: Kirsten Grove

When it comes to home décor, keeping with one look is a thing of the past. Mixing and matching works for both rustic and modern spaces, and brings an unexpected element to your home. Use our ideas to spruce up your home with a mismatched, vintage look.

Mismatch Décor in Four Ways
There is an art to mismatching, and it can feel overwhelming to figure out how to mix and match successfully. Use your creativity to think outside the box.

1. Mix up Dining Chairs
Create a cool, updated dining room by adding chairs in a few different styles and colors. Use a clean-lined dining table as the anchor for the space and keep the chairs within a specific color palette.

Tip: Check out local flea markets and thrift stores for colored and wooden chairs. Mix the two and create a funky, shabby chic mismatching.


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2. Play with Picture Frames
Arrange a variety of picture frames on one wall in a random order.

  • Mix it up by using different shapes, sizes and colors of frames.
  • Give the display a streamlined look and put similar art or photography in the frames.
  • For a different spin on the gallery wall, use frames all in one color but in different shapes and sizes.

3. Freshen Up with Throw Pillows
Switch out throw pillows for a quick way to give the space a fresh look. Mix modern, basic pillows with vibrant, textured pillows. Use a crocheted pillow with an Aztec-styled pillow, or pair a striped pillow with a houndstooth pillow.

4. Add Color and Vintage to a Tablescape
Begin by using basic dishes and build upon them with vintage or colorful pieces in a similar color scheme. You can pretty much build anything on a white backdrop. Also, don’t be afraid to mix glass and ceramic pieces — it really adds to the mismatched feel.

Kirsten is an interior blogger for Simply Grove and has been featured by Anthology Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Design* Sponge and HGTV.com.

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You can try the idea of mixed chairs in the den and see how it looks like and whether everybody is comfortable with it. If you have a good eye, you can really mix-and-match a lot of stuff and make up a style all your own. Go ahead and try it.

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I have been wanting to mix my dining rom chairs for a long time. I have been afraid it will look like I just put a jumble of chairs together. I really want to try it. I feel the same about a wall in my living room. I have a big 4 cut of tin (my daughter-in-law's talent, numbers and letters, they are all amazing), that I wanted to incorporate with different framed pictures of my 4 Granddaughters. I just don't know where to begin. I get a good idea, then get cold feet. I need some confidence.

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