Photosensitive Botanical Prints

Photosensitive Botanical Prints

Make botanical artwork from light sensitive paper and Kenneth Wingard’s tips.

5 col

Create a cool wall display with light sensitive paper and various leaves and flowers from your yard.

Light sensitive paper
Sheet of glass (or clear acrylic sheeting)
Leaves or flowers
Decorative photo frames
1 gallon bucket
Cold water


  1. Find a flat, sunny area where the sun will shine most of the day, and where no one will disturb the prints. Set out several sheets of the light sensitive paper, and lay leaves in interesting patterns directly on top of the paper

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Tip: Set a piece of glass or clear sheeting over the leaves to prevent the wind from blowing your design around. Make sure to use a clear, flat surface to allow the sun to pass through and make the print.

  1. Allow the leaves to sit in direct sunlight on light sensitive paper between 90 and 120 minutes. The paper is lined with chemicals that change in sunlight. The chemicals that are not exposed to the light will appear different than those that are exposed
  2. Once the prints have been in the sun for 90 to 120 minutes, fill a 1-gallon bucket with very cold water. Dip the paper into the cold water to wash off the light sensitive chemicals. This will seal in your design
  3. Let the prints dry on a flat surface. (It is okay to leave the prints out in the sun now as you have washed the light sensitive chemicals off. Your shapes will remain in tact)
  4. Put each print in a picture frame and hang on the wall as desired

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This sounds like a cool project. This sounds like a cool project, but where would you be able to get the light sensitive paper. I have never heard of it.

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Hi Little Maureen, Due to the photosynthetic way the paper works, it's only available in the blue tone. If you needed to tie it into a different color scheme, try adding a colored matt or a colored frame.

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Most it always come out the color blue or can I make it another color?

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Love this project. Would like to know where they got the frames for $4.00. Also best place to look for the paper. Thanks!

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