4 Pretty Place Settings: Winter

4 Pretty Place Settings: Winter

Use our four festive ideas to bring the wintry season onto your tablescape.

From layering beautiful colors and patterns to adding little details that enhance the spirit of the season, you’ll have all the tips you need to decorate your table in a warm and inviting way.

Musts for Winter Place Settings

1. Embrace the Season:
Winter’s joys include the trinkets, decorations and nostalgia that go along with it. Use these elements in your table decorations, whether it’s in your centerpiece or the place cards you set out for guests. It can even be as simple as setting a silver bell or sprig of holly next to each of the drinking glasses.

2. Experiment with Colors: It may be gray outside, but the inspiration of winter is full of bright reds, shimmery silver and gold, bold greens and frosty shades of blue. Use color combinations like red and pink or silver and blue to add colorful depth to your table’s décor.

3. Explore Patterns: Layer your dishes on top of the festive textiles of the season. Bright, decorative patterns with colorful stripes, polka dots or snowflakes can be incorporated into your napkins, tablecloths or the dishes themselves. Choose a theme, or mix and match!

Four Winter Place Settings

1. Snowflakes:
Melt your guests’ hearts with a snowflake theme! Pair paper-curled, felt or salt dough snowflake ornaments with sparkling silver and pastel blue dishes, napkins and tablecloths.


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Tip: Use snowflakes to add a punch of color to the table — instead of the expected white flakes, try light shades of purple instead.

2. Nature’s Table: Use outdoor elements for decorating inspiration. Classic earth tones and contemporary metallic hues make for an elegant presentation. Add simple, natural touches with fresh evergreen sprigs, acorns or pinecones.

3. Snow Day: Don’t forget the kids! A palette of icy blue, crisp white and hazy gray is the perfect backdrop your favorite holiday desserts garnished with holiday flavors. Add tinges of red with holiday candies or craft paper squares set under their glasses so they’ll feel like honored guests too.

4. Silver and Gold: Celebrate the sparkle of the season with these delicate, classic hues that are perfect colors for a New Year’s Eve party.

Tip: Planning a dessert party? Set up a creative after dinner dessert bar for family or guests.

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Loved the idea of a snowflaked theme especially when there is so much of it outside. Was a great hit with the kids.

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