Red Home Accessories for Valentine’s Day

Red Home Accessories for Valentine’s Day

Punch up your interiors for Valentine’s Day with a shot of color!

In the middle of winter’s doldrums, let Valentine’s Day inspire you with dashes of red accents to brighten rooms in simple yet dramatic ways. Just like accessorizing your wardrobe with a necklace or scarf to transform an outfit, the right shade of red supports almost any interior.

For this bold color not to dominate, some rules apply. From choosing the right hue to finding the ideal balance, the following ideas are easy ways to use red. Be open to surprises.

Reds for Rooms
Red can be vivid, dusty or rich. Consider these colors in these spaces to complement your palette:

  • Scarlet makes a living room sparkle.
  • Cherry creates a cheerful kitchen.
  • Deep crimson adds allure to the bedroom.
  • Jewel-like ruby in the bathroom feels lavish.
  • Cinnamon spices up the den.

Go Red From the Floor up 

Area rugs establish a foundation in a room to build from, whether it’s a rich Persian rug in the living room or a plush velour in the bath. Add some finishing touches in the same color of the rug for a harmonious way to pull a look together.

Tip: Match the burgundy, russet or rouge with accessories like a glass vase, a pillar candle or a lampshade.

Easy Red Displays
A pile of pillows, a wall of framed images or a collection on a mantel are easy ways to add color to your home.

Try these splashes of red from walls to windows:


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  • Pillows provide interest. On a neutral background, red will break up a beige sofa, animate gray, contrast with white and offer a touch of luxury to a bed.
  • Creatively arrange objects, curios and collectables to present a red theme on tables and ledges.
  • Walls can become art galleries with different sized mirrors, photos and prints in red frames.
  • Try gingham checked curtains, striped shades or a red valance for window treatments.
  • Paint a chair frame or add a seat cushion in red, or upholster an ottoman or footstool. 

Other Items to Consider

  • Elegant ceramics
  • Cozy throws
  • Flowers
  • Real fruits and vegetables — a bowl of pomegranates, strawberries, tomatoes, radishes or apples 

  • Red fake-fur pillow
  • Hot pink accessories to complement a rosy red
  • A red shag rug

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