Silk Plant Curtain Panels

Silk Plant Curtain Panels

Repurpose silk plant leaves to decorate your new curtain panels.

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Repurpose leaves from an old silk plant to make fun curtain panels for your window.

Large, leafy silk plant
Spray paint (color of your choice)
Pair of plain white curtains
Fabric glue


  1. Remove all the leaves from an old silk plant with a pair of scissors
  2. In a well-ventilated area, spray-paint one side of each silk leaf. Let it dry
  3. Spread the curtain panels out on a smooth work surface. Lay both colors of leaves out on the curtains in any desired pattern

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Tip: For an organized approach, spread the leaves out evenly. For an upbeat look, position the leaves as if “blown in the wind” with more leaves swirled together in some places and few leaves scattered in others.

  1. Use fabric glue to secure the leaves to the curtains. Only place a bead of glue in the center of each leaf, leaving the leaf edges unglued to achieve a “flutter” or three-dimensional effect

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